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Discreet silence - It can be very tempting for a broker selling a structured fundfor example, to praise the built-in protection and guaranteed returns that it offers. Especially these days, investors love security, plus reasonably good returns. But if this comes at the price of all the dividendsthe investor really must be told this. There is no way it can be taken for granted, or assumed that they know. Not offering alternatives - From both an ethical and legal standpoint, inexperienced clients in particular are not equipped to make meaningful decisions unless they are aware of other options. And there are many, many investments out there. If a broker offers a novice investor one particular fund, or even a combination of funds, with the attitude "this is right for you," he or she is not providing an optimal service.

Even if the offer is in fact suitable, investors should be given a choice or alternatives.

At minimum, the broker should point out tradng the client that etthics is merely a suggested option and that one could earn similar returns with a similar level of risk in many different ways. When in Doubt, Spell It Out If it even occurs to you that an investor may need or want to know something, tell them. Never succumb to the urge to keep quiet, even when you know this may cost you the deal. Do Unto Others Put yourself in the position of the investor.

definitjons If you would prefer not to be handled in a certain way, don't do it to someone else. Above all, avoid self-deception. The best test is to ask yourself whether you would want your mother, brother, best friend or indeed yourself to have these investments. Therefore, they need a portfolio that truly caters to them.

Nothing is more useless to a client than a standardized quarterly letter containing general information that he or she could get from the internet or on financial television. Most clients will just ignore them. What customers need is customized information about their own portfolio, how its doing and why, what changes you plan, etc. Make absolutely sure that the client knows what he or she is getting.

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They do not need to know every intricate detail, but they certainly need to know, at minimum, how risky the product is in relation to the probable returns. There should be no surprises in store for definitins unwary and trusting investor. Be Specific About the State of the Market You should discuss the market with your client in general and with respect to the specific asset classes. This does not mean attempting to time the market, but the investor ought to know whether the market has been booming for years and is regarded as possibly overpriced, or whether the opposite is true.

In the same vein, if people are saying that commercial property may well have peaked, tell that to the client.

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Find out more Forex broker definition A forex broker is a firm that buys and tradinh currencies on behalf of retail traders, usually via a forex trading platform. Like stockbrokers, they charge a fee — though usually in the form of a spread instead of commission — in order to execute orders placed by their clients. Find out more Forex definition Forex is how market participants convert one currency to another. It can variously be referred to as foreign exchange, FX, or currencies. Find out more Forex trading definition Forex trading is the act of taking part in the forex market in order to speculate and attempt to make a profit.

It can also definigions known as FX trading, foreign exchange or currencies trading. Find out more Forward contract definition A forward contract is a contract that has a defined date of expiry. The contract can vary between different instances, making it a non-standardised entity that can be customised according to the asset being traded, expiry date and amount being traded. It allows French investors to buy and sell European securities with preferential conditions.

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Foorex Find out more Fundamental analysis definition Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating the intrinsic value of an asset and analysing tradiing factors that could influence its price in the future. This form of analysis is based on external events and influences, as well as financial statements and industry trends. Funding charges definition Funding charges, or interest charges, are the fees levied on leveraged positions that are held open overnight. Find out more Futures contract definition Futures contracts represent an agreement between two parties to trade an asset at a defined price on a specified date in the future.

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