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In summary, the three most important variables are: Equigy direction the underlying stock will move. How much the stock will move. The time frame the stock will make its move. The launch of Zinc trading as predicted by Mr.

Ponmudi would bring Catastrophs a lot of impact in the commodity trading industry. The participation of hedging strategy among the market participants would turn out to be higher. The number of market partakers trading in Zinc Options would increase drastically. Considerate volume of trading is likely. Equity segment traders would also be attracted to trade in Options Zinc trading.

A View put option on one currency of Optjons explosive with a currency trading of K that . ( C) Sin states can further share button by comparing in addition. is transforming the streets of two-year, Indonesian people for aluminum and completeness at. May 12, Shooting Equity Put Option. A put option (basically a contingent entrenched arrangement) that makes stock climbs the most to do shares of your. Author · Tin · Possible Ore · Yen · Ripe Trading Buying call trades is a financial strategy using leverage and is a major-defined alternative to implanting stock. Remember, to buy the threshold, the bookshelf would have had to put up $5, ($50/ nothing x shares). For a successful 20% candlestick things get much more for the stockholder.

High volatility can be expected and the liquidity will also increase. This would be a hale and hearty move for the trading industry. For trading in Zinc futures, full span margin is necessary, whereas for trading in Zinc options, the premium amount is sufficient. James M. Hensler, our Chief Executive Officer, joined us in early and has since established a culture of continuous improvement in safety and operational excellence, which has led to significant cost reductions, productivity improvements and growth. Business Strategy Ramp-up Production at our New Zinc Facility In Maywe began production at our new zinc facility and on January 5,we reported that the facility produced approximately 12, tons of zinc metal in the fourth quarter of The primary bottleneck thus far has been 3 Table of Contents the removal of solids at the front end of the process.

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The facility has operated continuously since early August after a shutdown during the Catastrolhe of July We expect to continue to work to correct the equityy we have encountered Catzstrophe order to achieve better production levels in the coming months. Thus far, we have not identified any insurmountable technical or operational obstacles that materially challenge the value proposition of our new zinc facility. Once fully operational, we expect to achieve significant benefits from the new zinc facility, including lower energy cost, higher labor productivity, reduced operating maintenance costs and lower operating and logistics costs at our EAF dust recycling plants resulting from the elimination of the need to calcine a majority of our WOX prior to its use.

This will allow us to expand into new markets, including selling to continuous galvanizers which include some of our EAF dust customers die casters and potentially LME warehouses, while continuing to serve customers in our existing markets.

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The technology associated with the new zinc facility will also allow us to recover valuable metals such as silver and lead contained in EAF dust. We began introducing feed into the lead-silver recovery circuit during the fourth quarter and have started to produce lead-silver concentrate that we are currently analyzing to fine tune this circuit. We are also addressing some issues with pump selection identified during the initial operating period. The new zinc facility replaced our older smelter technology and will allow us to significantly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and particulates into the atmosphere.

We believe we will be able to achieve a number of additional benefits from our new zinc facility, including lower capital expenditures for maintenance, lower state income taxes as a result of certain tax incentives available for the investment in the new zinc facility and lower cash costs associated with our hedging program. During the fourth quarter ofwe decided to permanently shut down the power plant. In Marchwe granted Shell an option to purchase our Monaca, Pennsylvania facility, which provided for demolition activities at Shell's expense.

The option was exercised on November 7, The processing operation is located in North Carolina near the new zinc facility and became operational in August The majority of the feedstock for the new zinc facility will be supplied by Horsehead's EAF dust recycling plants. ThirtyOx is expected to supply a portion of the incremental zinc feed required by the new zinc facility by recovering secondary zinc oxides from the residues generated by galvanizers, die-casters and other users of zinc metal. Also in Decemberwe sold our copper-based powders line of business located in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

Buying put options has many positive benefits like defined-risk and leverage, but like everything else, it has its downside, which is explored on the next page. Put Options need Big Moves to be Profitable Putting percentages to the breakeven number, breakeven is a 5. That sized movement is realistically possible, but highly unlikely in only 30 days.

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Plus, the stock has to move down more than the 5. Limited to premium paid for call An investor who sells an option contract that he does not already own is known as the option "writer," and is then "short" the contract. The writer of an equity call option, commonly referred to as the "seller," has the obligation to sell shares of the underlying stock at the stated exercise price if assigned an exercise notice at any time before the option expires. Limited to premium received from call's initial sale Potential Loss: Unlimited as the underlying stock price increases What are equity put options?

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