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If you agree with the Rules, tick the option "I agree with rules of the Market and Signals services". If you do not agree with the Rules, do not register as a Signals Provider. Click "Register" to complete the registration process. After that, your application will be sent to the website administration.

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Decision will be made within a few working days. You can track your registration status on "Seller" tab of your MQL5. You will know the result approval or refusal on this page. You will also be notified by a personal message. If you have any questions, write a message for the administration on "Comments" tab.

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Adding a Signal After you have registered as a Signals Provider, you will see "Add signal" button instead of "Register" on the "Signals" tab. After passing the test, the signal becomes available to all users and any trader can subscribe to it. Advantages of social trading in MetaTrader 4 It is a simple and ready-made solution. Subscription is performed in a few clicks. All deals are copied automatically without trader's intervention. Signals Providers will also be able to start easily — it will take less than a minute to add a signal to the base and set a subscription fee. High security for all participants. Careful selection is performed among Signals Providers — they work in a test mode within a month.

If the test is passed, they can offer their signals on MQL5.

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