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And yeah there is. And the greater those worries, the less appetite there was for a country's debt and currency. He quips that while US non-farm payroll data is now the biggest day on a currency traders' monthly calendar, before the s all the excitement in the trading room was over the release of national trade numbers and budget figures. Patrick Commins "Some would argue that the carry trade might have distorted the way the foreign exchange market works over the past 15 to 20 years anyway; that search for yield led to people perhaps not focusing on some of the broader stories. The biggest being US President Donald Trump's company tax cuts and large spending boost, and how that will drive a worsening of the "twin deficits".

And if they believe those [Treasury] prices are going to start to fall significantly, in a way they would have done in the '50, '60s, '70s and start of the s, then do you really want to continue that funding story?

Advertisement "There are several think tanks in Washington which argue that the deficit could double over the next 10 years. Already the fiscal deficit has doubled over the past three or four years. Corporations in their daily, monthly and yearly foreign exchange transactions deal with the banks. The Central Banks are also key players managing their currency exposures and dealing with investment banks.

Hedge funds manage a variety of asset classes, including currencies, and they transact with Banks. Finally, we have eRetail, dealing electronically through trading platforms of retail Forex Brokers. Magazinfs CFD, or contract for difference, is a product whose price is based on the underlying instrument and is considered an over-the-counter OTC product, which is not traded on any exchange. For most brokers, the lists of offered instruments continues to grow. As retail traders, we have the ability to trade all of these instruments on Forex trading platforms.

The number of markets quoted will vary from broker to broker. One way to do that, is to look at several markets at once to compare them. In this example we are looking at the major USD pairs to see if there is a particular trend in these pairs. Then we can do the analysis and decide which pairs to trade and when. In addition to scanning the charts for clean price action, it is necessary to review the news releases to be prepared for events which could move the markets. An understanding of the fundamentals is key to relating the price action to the economic backdrop affecting the markets. Figure 3: The simple trading strategy that I have selected is the strategy for continuation trades and end of trend trades.

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First we are going to look at the pattern as an end of trend, or reversal traer strategy, also called the top and bottom pattern. The top and bottom pattern is a very powerful pattern that signals a trend reversal. It can also be used as a trend continuation, which will be described shortly. First, the reversal pattern. Scenario 1: In an uptrend, the market hits a new high, labelled point 1. Price then pulls back to a short-term support level, labelled point 2. Finally, price moves up to an area between points 1 and 2, labelled point 3. It then reverses down again and begins a trend in the new direction. Trade Entry: The pattern is complete when the price trades below point 2.

At a top, the strategy is to sell on a break of point 2.

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The measuring objective is the 8s0 between point 2 and point 3 projected below the break at point 2. The stop loss is trade just above point 3 but a more conservative stop loss is above the start of this move, at point 1. This is a choice that the trader must make and only by trading it over and over again will the trader feel comfortable with the choice of a stop loss. Also watch for reversal candlestick patterns at point 3 to trigger the entry.

For foreign exchange traders, the '80s are back

Figure 4: We just looked at scenario 1 which is the top. Now we will discuss the opposite scenario of a bottom. Scenario 2: At a bottom, the market hits a low at point 1, trades up to point 2, trades back down to point 3, and back up through point 2 to begin a new uptrend. I also learned that if the pattern has between 10 and 20 bars between points 1 and 3, it is more likely to succeed. What I have to say about that is back test and see for yourself. I take most of my trades based on this pattern alone. It is very powerful.

You can also use this pattern on a smaller time frame once the market reversal is identified. You will get a closer entry to point 1 and will therefore be able to take a larger position, using the same money management rules. Figure 5: The formation is classified as a major reversal pattern and is one of the best indicators of a trend reversal. They are found on every time frame. There are many trading magazines that come and go, but TASC is one of the very few that has stood the test of time and therefore ranks as 1 in the list.

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Spread Betting Magazine Issuu Spread Betting Magazine is a free magazine initiative launched by financial-spread-betting. Although the name sounds as if the magazine is more tuned to spread betting, they also dedicate decent reading space for CFD trading as well. The contents of the magazine are quite unique, and those in the UK will find reading spread betting magazine more in tune to the City. The stock picks that are presented in the Spread betting magazine are also picked from the FTSE, which can be a welcome change for many who prefer to see insights on other markets than just the US equities.

The last published issue date was October TradersWorld tradersworld.

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