Pdf forecasting oil price volatility

Panel B of Table 1 presents the results of three types of unit root tests for each of the sample returns: Kang, S. Petersp. These three unit root tests have different null hypothesis: As indicated by the skewness, kurtosis, and Jarque—Bera results, the returns are not normally distributed.

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For this reason, Diebold and Mariano developed a test of forecast accuracy for two vvolatility of forecasts. C32 C52 G17 Q40 a b s t r a c t We investigate volatility models and their forecasting abilities for three types of petroleum futures contracts traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange West Texas Intermediate crude oil, heating oil 2, and unleaded gasoline and suggest some stylized facts about the volatility of these futures markets, particularly in regard to volatility persistence or long-memory properties.

Section 2 presents the statistical characteristics of the data. The statistics associated with the conditional mean are expressed as: On the one hand, many studies have examined stochastic properties of petroleum price returns by considering various econometric techniques and data frequencies.

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The data used are of oio frequency for the period 3 January to 31 July ; data foredasting the last one and half years are used to evaluate the accuracy of out-of-sample volatility forecasts. The Jarque—Bera test corresponds to the test statistic for the null hypothesis of normality in the distribution of sample returns. This indicates that the volatility of petroleum futures contracts exhibits a long-memory process. The Ljung—Box statistics, Q n and Qs ncheck for serial correlation of the return series and the squared returns up to the nth order, respectively.

Modeling and forecasting crude oil price volatility: Evidence from historical and recent data

This study essentially differs from previous research in regard to two following aspects. This evidence forcasting significant evidence of serial dependence in the return and squared returns series. On the other hand, some empirical studies have addressed the modeling and forecasting of long memory volatility in crude oil or petroleum markets using various GARCH-type models Agnolucci, ; Arouri et al.

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