Point and figure trading patterns in forex

Simple as pie right?

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I am being facetious, but on some level it really is just that simple. You find the low or high of a major swing. You would be right in this statement, so let me take it a step further and give you my exact configuration. This is a critical factor for nailing the precision of a target. I previously used the traditional scale, which prescribes a set number of boxes for price levels. The reason I like percentages, is because it takes into account the price movement at each box levels versus key price levels where the increments increase. For the most part numbers 1 through 3 should be pretty common; however, number 4 is where I separate myself from the pack.

In particular, some of these advantages of using these unusual charts to forecast and monitor rtading exchange rate movements include the following: Allow traders to focus solely on price action. The chart is smoothed since only price reversals beyond a certain size are graphed. They are easy to make by hand. Trends are readily identifiable on Point and Figure charts.

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Chart patterns have clear breakout figur that generate buy or sell signals. Measured moves are easily calculated. A trader is someone seeking quick profits, and should be holding stocks that are in confirmed uptrends. Short Selling to Profit It is possible that aggressive traders would want to sell the stock short on this sell signal, which means selling a stock they do not own.

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To do this, the trader must use a margin account and face a great deal of risk. When opening a short position, traders hoping to profit from price declines borrow the stock before they can sell it. They will need to repay the stock at a later date, and are responsible for paying any dividends that the stock earns and a borrowing cost, which is similar to interest. If the price goes higher, short sellers need to buy the stock back to cover their losing positions. The potential loss of a short position is unlimited, while the gain is limited because a stock price can never go below zero. Buying a Put Option A more conservative strategy for profiting from sell signals is to a buy a put option on the stock.

In this strategy, traders profit from price declines while enjoying the protection of limited risk because they can only lose the amount they spent to purchase the option. It's all just noise.

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I have no strategy for using them but filling them in manually doesn't take much time and helps give you a different perspective of the same information. I think the old guys even older than me that created their charts by hand, wether it was PnF or lines or whatever, had a different feel for market rhythm. A 30 some year veteran told me about his trading group in the early 70's. They would each choose a commodity and make a chart of it throughout the day, then copy and exchange their charts at the end of the day.

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