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Integration options are Metatrade endless - you can transmit any data from the platform and pass control commands from a third-party application. Integration into other systems and applications For example, by integrating the platform and the CRM system, you can receive a ready-made business solution providing an entirely new level of functionality. The interfaces allow you to pass any information about a trader to third-party applications. You can have a detailed information about customers and their trading results directly in your customer relationship management system. Depending on a customer's activity, you can automatically send them, say, an advertising email without leaving the system.

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Moreover, you can manage your trading platform right Metatraer the CRM system. With an appropriate integration solution, you can remotely re-launch a trade server, enable a quote feed or create an account for a new customer. The MetaTrader 4 API allows you to arrange the two-way communication with any other business application improving usability, cutting your costs and providing brand new opportunities. Plugins for functionality expansion and automation MetaTrader 4 is a powerful and functional platform. However, you can make it even more versatile.

You can automate some operations or expand the functionality depending on your business needs. For example, you can develop a special plugin on the Report API that automatically generates reports for your regulator.

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