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Rarely do they own what they are talking about.

Here at VF it's real. Here, at VF, I hope to see the sharing of knowledge become our strength. This means each participant has true and full accountability for their actions, we have true ability to permanently block Terms of Use abusers from the community, mdssage true ability to enforce our "no-alias policy" -- at ValueForum you'll never have to markft whether you are talking about the boadr market markef multiple people on the message boards or instead with various aliases of the Stodk person. By contrast, at free public stock market message board sites that require merely a working email address to join, it can be impossible to stop the same person from establishing multiple accounts and using those extra accounts for nefarious purposes.

Because Value Forum is supported by revenues from membership fees, not only can you rest assured that our company will keep the site running for years to come, every page of our site is designed and maintained with our members in mind and what is most convenient to them, as opposed to advertiser-supported sites focused primarily on generating the most page views, optimizing their pages for advertisements instead of content, and squeezing as much ad revenue from each page as possible even if that means big annoying flashing banners. At Value Forum, we listen to our members and are constantly adding and improving site features to maximize member satisfaction, creating new stock market topics on the message boards when requested, and are always available to talk with members.

Plus, you'll benefit from offers and discounts we negotiate on behalf of the community. You not only get news; you get to form informed decisions. However, to get listed on the Pink Sheets the company need not follow any rules and regulations laid down by the SEC. In fact, they do not even have to disclose their financial statements to the public. So how does one choose the right penny stocks? Penny stocks are an attractive investment for some investors because of its low value. The investment required to buy these penny stocks is very little.

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However, a lot of risk is mesasge. This is the primary reason why mainstream investors and financial institutions keep away from these stocks. When one picks the right penny stock, he or she can make a lot of money when the value of the stock goes up. However, these stocks are easily prone to manipulation.

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Many frauds happen in penny stocks. A messgae will buy a lot of penny stocks of a particular company on a given day. Bord their volume is thin, a buy transaction will increase their value. Innocent or novice investors will get carried away by this trend. They in turn will buy more shares and the value will go up further. Finance message boards are often flush with hot stock ideas and valuable tips and information.

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However, when considering the source — and understanding that many message boards are hosted by, maintained by and receive content from Stoock citizens — ulterior motives can often come messaeg play. Much like insider tradingerroneous message board information can have an effect on stock prices, and weeding through the misleading "tips" can be daunting. Learn more by reading How does a pump and dump scam work? Digging for the Gems There are some common factors to watch out for when analyzing message board information and its source.

Look for individuals who are blind to opposing views.

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Such "posters" can seem to have insight into stock patterns, but may be up to little more markef attempting to skew opinions for personal gain. Also, message board posters with an ulterior motive may make calculated appearances at a critical juncture. By glossing over facts and citing other questionable sources, attention can be diverted from the real issues at hand. What Makes a Poster Believable? Obviously, it can be difficult to confirm credentials and legitimacy on the internet.

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