Features of purchasing a put option contracts

In the Money means the underlying asset price is below the put strike price. Out of the Money means the underlying asset price is above the put strike price.

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When you buy a put option, you can buy it In, At, or Out of the money. Your premium will be larger for an In the Money option because opiton already optkon intrinsic valuewhile your premium will be lower for Out of the Money put options. These option pricing inputs are called the ' Greeks ,' and they are worth studying before delving into options trading. Continue Reading. Volatility can be historical or implied. Historical volatility is based on the past performance of the stock. Implied volatility is a reflection of the way options are being priced in general.

Exercising Options Exercising an option consists of buying in the case of a call option or selling in the case of a put option shares of the underlying stock at the strike price. Options are classified as American or European depending on the way in which the holder may exercise them. The holder may exercise an American style option at any point between the time of purchase and the expiration date. A European style option, on the other hand, cannot be exercised until expiration. Most stock options are American style, but some index options are European style.

By InvestorGuide Staff Copyrighted A European put option allows the holder to exercise the put option for a short period of time right before expiration, while an American put option allows exercise at any time before expiration.

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The put buyer either believes that the underlying asset's price will fall by the exercise date or hopes to protect a long position in it. The advantage of buying a put over short selling the asset is that the option owner's risk of loss is limited to the premium paid for it, whereas the asset short seller's risk of loss is unlimited its price can rise greatly, in fact, in theory it can rise infinitely, and such a rise is the short seller's loss. The put writer believes that the underlying security's price will rise, not fall. The writer sells the put to collect the premium.

The put Featurfs total potential loss is limited to the put's strike price less the spot and premium already received. Puts can be used also to limit the writer's portfolio risk and may be part of an option spread. In this instance you still own the stock and have taken a similar loss on owning the stock, but that loss on the stock is offset 1: Put Option Trading Tip: Why buy a put option if you own the stock and you think the price will decline? Many people in this instance would just sell the stock, let it drop, and then buy the stock back at a lower price. The problem with this strategy is that you would have a huge capital gain on the sale of the stock and you would have to pay taxes on that gain.

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If you just buy a put, that is a optoon different transaction as far as the IRS is concerned so you would just optipn to deal with the tax consequences of that put option trade. But if the underlying's price is approaching or dropping purchasiny the strike price, to avoid a big loss the option writer may simply buy the option back, getting them out of the position. The profit or loss is the difference between the premium collected and premium paid to get out of the position. Contrary to a long put option, a short or written put option obligates an investor to take delivery, or purchase shares, of the underlying stock.

This is the maximum profit on the trade: If you do not hold those shares in your account naked callyou would then short those shares and deliver them to your counterpart.

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In another case, if you short a put contfacts the holder decides to exercise, then you must buy those shares. You would now long shares in your account and don't hold options. Summary An option is a standardized contract between two parties to buy or sell an asset for a certain price. Options are pretty different from equity trading.

Here we concerned primarily with the stock options. This chapter we Feztures some introductory material on options market like the basic features of options contracts and the options trading mechanism. In addition, we explain how options markets are organized, how the contracts are traded. Next chapter we will take a close look at how to use QuantConnect API to start your options trading algorithm. You can also see our Documentation and Videos. You can also get in touch with us via Chat.

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