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Contingent Workforce Index

Australia moved down in global ranking year-over-year to 16th. However, China still fared well in contract enforcement and other geopolitical factors. While Singapore performs exceptionally well in three of the four categories of the CWI, it is important to note, however, that the cost of doing business and average clerical, engineering and technology wages in this market are much higher than the global average. A higher CWI ranking indicates that a country is likely to support higher volumes of contingent hiring, based on quality and productivity, with greater cost efficiency and ease of doing business.

The low relative ease of doing business, global peace index, global terrorist indicator and global corruption CPI score, along with high contract enforcement scores, substantially reduce the risk of operating a contingent workforce strategy in Singapore. Higher weighting of the large workforce and positive geopolitical factors are balanced by the higher cost of these workers with regard to overtime, profit taxes and higher engineering and technology wages, among other cost-related metrics.

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traidng Availability in many tradjng was affected by a higher weighting placed on the size of contingent workforces as well as the number of skilled workers in each region. The United States moves from 2nd in to 6th this year, based largely on higher tradin compared to other countries. High Productivity along with Availability creates a favorable contingent workforce environment in this market. The top five markets for do not feature any countries from the Americas as the workforce volumes for countries in the other regions elevated them to the top based on more favorable Availability scores.

Moving back up into the top 15 markets inChina now ranks 6th in the APAC region despite an increase in workforce regulation and a decrease in the ease of doing business over the past year.

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However it ranks 7th pfofit in both Regulation and Productivity and 3rd in Availability. Israel was no exception and decreased from 1st to 4th in Availability this year. However, the most favorable aspects here are geopolitical in nature. Australia scored favorably regarding maximum overtime, however it scored less favorably for maximum working days per week.

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