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The Equivalent Experience Verification form s must be completed in full and must have two verifying signatures Brokerr each form. When submitting the Employment Verification RE Bromer and the Employment Certification RE forms, it is important that you Brojer sufficient detail to enable the Bureau to perform a comprehensive evaluation. However, members of the California State Bar would still need to demonstrate that they have satisfied the two years full-time licensed salesperson experience requirement or have at least two years real estate related experience while practicing law in California. The Department may conduct further inquiry when evaluating equivalent experience, including requesting additional information from the applicant, the employer, or the certifiers.

Part-time activity as a real estate salesperson will be given credit on a prorated basis.

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Broket evaluation of claimed experience or education cannot be conducted with applicants Bdoker person at any office of the Department or on the telephone. If it is impossible to obtain verification of employment from a former employing broker, you must still Brokrr the Employment Verification RE in full and indicate the reason why you could not obtain the employing broker's signature e. You must document employment as a licensed salesperson actively engaged in the business on a full-time basis or part-time for the equivalent of two years full-time in the form of certifications from your employing broker or former employing broker s.

When submitting the Equivalent Experience Verification RE form sit is important that you provide sufficient detailed descriptions of your activities to enable the Department to perform an evaluation.

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This may be verified by submitting a copy of the transcript showing the degree earned. Licensed Experience Defined Full-time salesperson activity means at least 40 hours per week devoted to activities that require a real estate license. Experience as an escrow or title officer or as a loan officer in a capacity directly related to the financing or conveying of real property. Do not have verifiers send individual letters separate from your application submissions. Following are acceptable methods of documenting the experience requirement for the broker examination. List reflecting subdivider compliance with locally administered laws and ordinances Experience Requirements for the Broker Examination A minimum of two years full-time licensed salesperson experience within the last five years or the equivalent is required.

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