Forex volatility volume 7th

Analyzing MFI information On the left you can see that during the bullish trend, the red squat signals caused the largest moves as those were high volume candles.

Dead Markets, And How To Trade Them

The grey fake bars were mainly consolidation candles with smaller price moves. At the top you can see that the red high volume squat bar was followed by a blue fade candle that then foreshadowed the reversal — the previous blue fade candle during the trend was very small in size and meaningless. Therefore, the AC oscillator is also used for trend-following or reversal trading purposes. Basically, when the AC bar is green, it shows that price is rising and there are more buyers than sellers.

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When the AC bar crosses above zero, it often provides a buy signal but we explore this in more depth later — the higher the green bar, the stronger the price move and the more buyers there are. The AC works the same way into the opposite direction with red bars. The potentially more accurate signals can be found during trending markets — the AC does not work as well during ranges. Buy signal, sell Signals, or the discussion of signals does not guarantee profits.

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But ya know what sucks worse? Donking away your money for no good reason. You should NOT be getting many trade signals right now. Why put yourself at a double disadvantage here? It may indicate that a major event is about to take place. Traders are looking to cash in on an anticipated jump in the stock's price one way or the other and buy options as a result. In this case, you should look to compare the option's volume to the underlying stock's average daily volume.

If the underlying stock has a large percent change in price Voluke a larger than normal volume, that is typically a strong market volatilkty in the same direction as the change. Other times, high volume on an options contract may indicate that put buyers are hedging a potential downside risk for a stock whose technicals indicate a sell-off. Many times, these hedges are from a hedge fund or a large institutional trader. If you see high volume on an OTM option, this is usually driven by a hedge.

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