German bank holiday calendar

It marks the reunification of the two German states that was completed on this day. Pope Gregory IV instigated the 1st November holieay the day on which the entire western church is to commemorate the saints back in the 9th century. Christmas officially runs from Christmas Day until the Sunday after Epiphany, the feast that celebrates the revelation of God in human form. From the end of November, the Christmas markets in Bavaria will provide the first Christmas spirit and anticipation for the holidays! Click here for more information about school holidays in Bavaria.

Public German Holidays in 2019

You would like to spend some time in Bavaria? Here are some ideas: Ascension Day, May 30, Thursday. Whit Monday, June 10, Monday. Corpus Christi, June 20, Thursday. Assumption Day, August 15, Thursday. Oktoberfest, September 21, Saturday.

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German Unity Day, October 03, Thursday. Day of Reformation, October 31, Thursday. Repentance Day, November 20, Wednesday. Christmas Day, December 25, Wednesday.

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St Stephens Day, December 26, Thursday. Schools and businesses are closed on this day. January 6: It marks the official end of Christmas, and according to Christian tradition, it is the day when the three wise men arrived in Bethlehem with gifts for baby Jesus, a few days after his birth. In Germany, it is a public holiday in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, and Saxony-Anhalt, where many businesses, banks, and stores are closed. March 4: Parties, celebrations, parades and dressed up people are the main characteristics of this event.

Though celebrated by many it is not a Public Holiday April It is celebrated just two days before Easter Sunday. Aside of special religious traditions of this day, people also engage in non-religious traditions.

Other popular national pages

April Easter holidays Osterferien: For German schoolchildren, this holiday lasts 2 weeks 1 week for Spaniardsif you plan to travel with children from Germany it can be a good date. If you wonder about hoilday dates in which is celebrated Holy Week, they vary every year May and June If you plan your vacation during these months you may want to read the blog post where I talk about visiting Malaga in April or May. Holidays in Germany: Pentecost holiday Pfingstsonntag y Pfingstmontag: The date varies depending on the Holy Week and children have 2 weeks of vacation so it is a good date to plan your trip. Corpus Christi Day Fronleichnam on June 15, is a national holiday.

July and August August is a hot month in Malaga, ideal for those who want to enjoy the beaches holidsy the Costa del Sol and the good weather. Furthermore takes place the popular fair of Malaga in mid-August. Halloween is celebrated in Malaga with many events and activities if you plan your visit during these dates. Fall vacation week:

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