Tax reporting on options trades

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Although many traders believe that the contract will settle repoorting cash if the position is closed out prior to expiration, the truth is you can be assigned at any time. If the contract is exercised or assigned, it will settle in the underlying security, not cash. Option expirations are simple to report at tax time. When the contract expires, the premium and transaction costs paid for option buyers will be a loss.

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Further due diligence or consultation with a tax professional is highly recommended. Exercising Options Firstly, when reportung options are exercised, the premium is included as part of the cost basis of a stock. For brevity sake, we will forgo commissions, which can be tacked onto the cost basis of her shares. The tax time period is considered short-term as it is under a year, oprions the range is from the time of option exercise June to time of selling her stock August. Put options receive a similar treatment: The position's elapsed time begins from when the shares were originally purchased to when the put was exercised shares were sold. Sounds simple enough, but it gets much more complicated if your option gets exercised.

Option Exercises and Stock Assignments Since all option contracts give the buyer the right to buy or sell a given stock at a set price the strike pricewhen an option is exercised, someone exercised their rights and you may be forced to buy the stock the stock is put to you at the PUT option strike price, or you may be forced to sell the stock the stock is called away from you at the CALL option strike price.

Option Expiration

There are special IRS rules for trads that get repporting, whether you as the holder of the option you bought the option exercised your rights, or someone else as the holder of the option you sold the option exercised their rights. Is exercised Reduce your amount realized from sale of the underlying stock by the cost of the put. Reduce your basis in the stock you buy by the amount you received for the put. Is exercised Add the cost of the call to your basis in the stock purchased. Increase your amount realized on sale of the stock by the amount you received for the call.

What are the Tax Implications of Options Trading?

Your option position therefore does NOT get reported on Schedule D Formbut its proceeds are included in the stock position from the assignment. When importing option exercise transactions from brokerages, there is no automated method to adjust the cost basis of the stock being assigned. Brokers do not provide enough detail to identify which stock transactions should be adjusted and which option transactions should be deleted. See our User Guide for details. The advantage of this strategy is that you get to keep the premium received from selling the put if the market moves in two out of the three possible directions.

If the market goes up, you keep the premium, and if it moves sideways, you Tzx the premium. Time decay which is inherent in all options is on your side. For example, adding an options enhancement component to your overall investment strategy may be a great way to enhance how much income your portfolio produces. But what are the tax implications of more income? Assuming we are talking about a taxable account, it depends on what type of options being traded: We can and do trade both types, depending on the situation. A simple way to remember that is this: You report your completed put and call option transactions to determine if you owe capital gains tax.

If you report a loss, repotring can use that amount to offset any capital gains you might have. Understanding Options Trading Because option brokerage firms often do not send trade confirmations, you will need the information included on your monthly brokerage statements. Start by making two lists of your trades in chronological order.

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