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I'm having great difficulty understanding this. Your instructions work, but I get no option to change spread. VanessaC, I was wondering if your broker have an instruction metatrsder online on how to operate the EA's? I will check with them so it will save you some time going back and forth. Also, my broker has a "live chat" where I can asked questions directly to them when I needed an answer right away and they are very helpful Otherwise, good thing our MNVR is been very helpful to you.

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Sorry, I am not a techy either I just know the basic that is why I traded manually and I like it better since I am still learning how to trade. Honestly I haven't thought to ask them. FB doesn't have any real training, but they do have live chat support and very responsive e-mail and phone help. They know the Internet is chock full of help on every topic known to man, forex included.

I actually prefer them focusing on being exacting as they are on what I need from them, low spreads and zero commissions on their Platinum accounts. I sound like a commercial only because I like their vision. Allowing US smulation to hedge and hangint, without trading desk manipulation metatraser all important for me personally. What Tradw do you use, may I ask? However, when you troubleshoot EAs, such information might not be useful because this does not tell us if this request to open a position was sent by an Expert Advisor or by a human manually. MT4 logs them here. MT4 Journal tab logs connection errors which can help you identify whether your Internet connection is poor or not.

Is your MT4 terminal connected to the broker server? The most simple way to check if your MT4 terminal is connected to the broker server or not is to look at the bottom-right corner of the terminal window. In the right-bottom corner of the MT4 terminal window you will be notified if there no connection to the broker server.

sumulation When MT4 terminal is connected, it will typically display the counter at the bottom-right corner, which indicates how much data were downloaded from the broker server. MT4 terminal displays the counter which indicates how much data were downloaded from the broker server. MT4 Market Watch window is updated constantly if there is a connection established to the broker server. Is your Internet connection stable?

Free Forex Trading Simulator Mt4 / Offline Demo Order Entry/Exit Practice Using MT4

The hahging simple way to do this is to open your Internet Sijulation and visit a few websites on the Internet. Also, you should close all 3rd party applications that might use high bandwidth of your Simullation connection. Is EA able to authorize mefatrader license key? Firewall or Trase software on your computer might be blocking connection. For example most of my MT4 apps use license key. Once you purchase a software from me you get a license key that must be used with the software. Obviously this license key must be authorized by establishing a connection to my web-server. If any 3rd party software on your computer blocks this connection the EA will not be able to authorize and run.

Not all MT4 apps work that way, but there are certainly many that do so. If you can access this blog post from the same computer where you have one of my apps giving you trouble with the authorization, this means your connection is good and the problem is somewhere else. Then you should double check if you enter correct license key and if there are no spaces or other characters around it. Have you tried restarting MT4 terminal? It cannot be more simple than this, yet many people do not think about it. If you tried most or all of the things discussed on this page and you still experience problems a simple MT4 restart might solve the problem.

With the latest MT4 version this does not happen much, ismulation still there is a chance. You can start Task Manager from the task bar pop-up menu. MT4 terminals on the process list in the Windows Task Manager. If you have all MT4 windows closed and you see terminal.

MT4 Apps Troubleshooting Checklist

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Arbitrage best binary option. However, you will have to do it on your own, since Soft4FX does not provide any guidelines. We can only show you a few links: Tickstory offers both free and paid version of software that helps you download tick data from Dukascopywhich is considered to be one of the best free data feeds. It also helps you export the data to Metatrader. Patience and Discipline, these are the Holy Grail. Sep 2, I think I'm getting the hang of it. Quantem, thanks a lot for sharing this great simulator for free.

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