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Introducing broker IB is better known as a commodity broker, or something most investors are familiar with in the futures market, futures broker. An IB is the one who places tso pending trades for his clients. Related Article: To see the complete picture, your IB is the face that meets and helps the clients, while trqde Futures Commission Merchant FCM is mainly referred to as the clearing firm. Introducing Broker and FCM's have to work in sync with one another, in order to run a smooth trading firm. FCM's are the behind the scenes task-force that: Maintain orderly functional trading platforms Provide Accopunt Statements and reports Maintain connections to the various exchanges in order to clear trades Deposit funds into customer segregated accounts Both IB's and FCM's support one another in the development of the futures exchange market.

IB's lend their feet, to present the complexities of trading in a palatable, easy to understand way of thinking. FCM's, in a perfect business model, focus on: An introducing broker commodity brokeris vital to the futures market, in that, they help those new to the commodity market, acclimate to the hectic environment.

Intelligent Investing: What is an Introducing Broker?

IB's provide service to clients. It may be in the form of assisting clients who need full service, it may be in the form of providing technical support to online traders and in general a good introducing broker will do their best to provide constant and helpful information, assist their clients with any trade related and customer service issues. IB's try to gain their money, through brokerage commissions. A good way to see how much involvement you need from an IB is how often you trade on the market. If you trade frequently on the commodity marketand your IB is giving you sound recommendations for trading, then negotiate a fair price that is amicable.

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All in brokre, an IB like the FCM is there to make money, and will negotiate price based on account size, trading volume, level of assistance needed and the specific markets you, the trader will be trading. Overall, investing is hard work and takes a great deal of research, energy, and your time. Trading futures can be even harder as it may present complexities to the average investor that main stream products like stocks and equities don't. That being said, a good IB can make the difference in many aspects as they are your bridge to trading futures and commodities. Make sure you do your homework and ask the following questions: How long has the IB been in business?

Pure Exposure Series: Trading the Crude Oil Futures

How is their regulatory background looks like? What is their margin and day-trading margin policies? Morning hot line conference calls: Each morning EFG personnel conduct an open discussion regarding the upcoming day. During this call there is a sharing of ideas, and opinions emanating from EFG and our Introducing Brokers and a synergy is created. Webinars allow the customers and prospects of the Introducing Broker to participate without having to leave home. If an Introducing Broker wishes to arrange a private webinar for their customers that is easily accomplished.

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Introoducing Accounts: Managed accounts have grown on popularity with Introducing Brokers and EFG Group offers various managed account products to our Introducing brokers. From our very teo moment in EFG Group embraced the concept that the proficiency of the service product determined the level of customer satisfaction. Beginning with providing a positive environment, welcoming special requests, efficiently opening accounts, the generation of accurate statements, correcting errors the first time, and always remembering who is the customer. EFG Group pro-actively addresses and refines the service product to ensure that our customers enjoy the benefits of our unrelenting best efforts.

We believe a positive relationship should be more than trade clearing and sending a check.

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