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From our perspective as English lawyers, we often come across situations where introducers may not receive the reward they were expecting, or may expose themselves to unexpected liabilities. Here is a list of the [7] most costly mistakes that we see.

Missing the opportunity to sign up an introduction fee agreement Timing is crucial. Not taking control over the terms of your introduction fee agreement It is a common misconception that letting others provide their standard form agreements will save you time and money. However, the best way of securing your entitlement to fees is to take control over the terms of your fee agreement. Or if the investor makes an investment in a different project? Or if the purchase price is payable in instalments, or in non-cash consideration?

Or if the investment is not made by the investor you have introduced, but introducsr a related party? All these situations can be addressed in black and ibtroducer if you have the right contract in place. Signing a contract with the wrong person The best contract in the world will not help you if you have signed it with the wrong person. For example, if you sign an introduction agreement with another intermediary in a chain of intermediaries, your entitlement to get paid will only be as strong as the weakest link in that chain.

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The strength of any given link depends on two factors: If your contract is with a company which has no assets, and only an indirect connection with the introduceg, your fees are at risk. All this means that Introoducer need to understand the full picture, and choose your counterparty to the contract wisely. Taking a fee from both sides, without the express consent of both parties In principle, it is acceptable to receive a fee from the buyer and the seller in a particular project. However, when you start to act as agent for one party, various implied legal obligations can arise.

This can include a duty not to make a secret profit from that particular role. Failing to take VAT into account Unless your commission agreement expressly says that VAT is charged in addition, the legal interpretation under English law will usually be that whatever fee you have quoted includes VAT.

Business Introducer Agreement

Committing a vefinition offence by carrying on a regulated activity under financial services legislation Provided you are only making introductions for the purposes of investing directly in UK property and you are not offering or arranging an investment Introducfr shares or any other security cefinition financial products, you should not have to worry about infringing financial services regulation in the UK. Nature of the Contractual Relationship The Parties are independent professionals. This Agreement shall not in any way constitute a work agreement, since the Parties expressly refuse any employment relationship as an essential condition without which they would not have entered into this Agreement.

In particular, the Introducer represents and guarantees to the Brand that he does not exercise exclusively and constantly a representation occupation without performing any commercial operation for his own benefit, and that it will always be the case during the Agreement.

Should this situation change during the Agreement, jntroducer latter shall automatically terminate and therefore the Introducer commits to dfeinition immediately the Brand. The Introducer shall not be entitled to any indemnity whatsoever upon expiry or termination of the Agreement. No Exclusivity The Parties do not grant each other any exclusivity. Therefore, the Introducer may work with other brands, even competitors of the Brand, and the Brand may work with other introducers [to be confirmed].

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Intellectual Property Rights The Brand represents and guarantees to the Introducer that it regularly holds all the intellectual property rights related to the Products and that it does not harm any right of third parties in this respect. Specific Obligations of the Parties The Brand represents and guarantees to the Introducer that the Products comply with the provisions in force, which apply to them, as well as with its own statements regarding them. The Brand will comply with its security and conformity obligations regarding the Products.

The Brand will provide to the Introducer all information, contents and documentation useful to promote the Brand and the Products.


The Introducer will comply with all the obligations applying to his activities and will in particular ensure that his promotion and canvassing actions are always perfectly lawful and appropriate considering the aim pursued, in order to preserve the reputation and the image of the Brand and of the Products. Financial Terms 6. The Introducer may ask the Brand to produce in addition a statement from an independent accountant relating to the amount of the Turnover. This consideration shall be construed as a global, flat and final remuneration for all the services and expenses of the Introducer in relation with the Agreement, without any exception or reservation whatsoever.

The Introducer shall therefore not be entitled to any other remuneration or indemnification or payment whatsoever.

In particular, he shall support Introdkcer expenses, charges and investments induced from the performance of the Agreement. However, notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the Introducer shall be entitled to obtain reimbursement for the expenses directly related to the performance of his services, upon prior approval of the Brand. After the expiry or termination of the Agreement, the Brand may pursue its business relationship with the potential clients introduced by the introducer without any remuneration or indemnification whatsoever being due to the Introducer. Duration of the Agreement The Agreement shall enter into force as at the date when all the Parties sign it.

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