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For options that are deep in the money ITMthe premium may be mostly intrinsic value. This reflects forumla fact that the option does not need time to become in the money like ATM or OTM options, because it already is. It only needs time to become profitable for the option buyer. Why Intrinsic and Time Value Matter Intrinsic value and time value of an option help investors understand what they are paying for if they decide to purchase an option. The intrinsic value of the option represents what it would be worth if the buyer exercised the option at the current point in time this is not the same as the profit.

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The time value represents the possibility that the option will increase in value before its expiration date. These two concepts can help investors understand the risk and reward of an option. When an investor purchases an OTM or ATM option, whose premium is equal to its time value, there is a greater risk that the option will be worthless at its expiration date, since it is already out of or at the money. You are paying less money than the investor who purchases the ITM option, and taking on greater risk.

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When an investor purchases an Puut option, there is less risk that the option will be worthless at its expiration date because it is already valuable. Because the risk is less, the option typically has a higher premium. The formula for computing option price is as under 2: Ask price is the value point at which the seller is ready to sell and bid price is the point at which a buyer is ready to buy. When the two value points match in a marketplace, i. These prices are determined by two market forces -- demand and supply, and the gap between these two forces defines the spread between buy-sell prices.

Options Pricing: Intrinsic Value and Time Value

The larger the gap, the greater the spread! Bid-Ask Spread can be expressed in absolute as well as percentage terms. When the market is highly liquid, spread values can be very small, but when the market is illiquid or less liquid, they can be large. Calculation of Bid-Ask Spread: So, all price points cannot be used to calculate Bid-Ask Spread. This can be calculated by using the lowest Ask Price best sell price and highest Bid Price best buy price.

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