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He trades forex, stocks, cryptos and forsx. He makes a good number of trades per week around 4 and leaves them open on average for around 4 weeks. And is up this year as well which is a tough thing to do in the current downturn.

He mainly trades stocks and leaves positions open for a week or so — cashing in on shorter term gains. This strategy means he makes quite a few trades per week around 5. He has a current risk score of 3, which in my opinion is where traders should be aiming for. Then take a look at merkur He trades almost exclusively in the forex markets and opens an average of 14 trades per week.

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Sign up to co;y here. Make a deposit. You can trade using a free virtual etoro account. Always take floating losses into account when evaluating performance.

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Watch very carefully the trade sizes being used by your trading "guru". If there's too much variation in these sizes, especially following losing trade sor the win rate seems implausibly high, tread very carefully. Things might not be as rosy as they seem. What safeguards exist to protect newbies from these types of scamming?

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Where do the "guru" commissions get paid from? Is it possible that a guru's commissions could exceed the profits from his actual trading? Because, if this is the case, a "guru" could set up several small accounts under different names, and gain a large following on the most profitable one — another common type of scam when it comes to selling forex products or services. I have left FF. Please don't expect replies to your posts. Jul 18, 8: I hate this kind of promotion. That is, if you take the time to make an informed decision on who to copy.

hraders If you do find a viable trader to copy, there is much potential to make money with little to tradeers more effort, passive income. You can join in and start trading with very little knowledge of the market. For inexperienced traders, they can learn from being active in the platform, copy other traders, ask questions, read news feeds, and study all the viable information available via the social platform. It can be better than making those tough decisions yourself.

If cpy are an emotional trader who can become very stressed, lose a lot of sleep, or breakdown from the wrong decision. It can be best to let someone else do this and copy their positions without thinking much of it. You can manage risks more effectively by following a diverse number of traders with smaller amounts. There are many successful traders on social trading platforms with various strategies and risk scores to choose from.

Social trading platforms are generally simple to use and have intuitive interfaces with access to everything you need with their magnificent level of transparency. Especially in the forex market-its pure gambling. Finding a reputable and successful trader to copy can be a daunting task in itself. There are many trending and successful traders out there, that still might be a bad option to copy.

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Forfx is still risk involved in copying even the best traders. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Therefore, a trader who has a very successful trading history may lose large on one trade, or change up their strategy and become riskier. Social Trading Platforms and Brokers With the popularity of social trading in recent years, there has been an increase in these types of platforms. Many of the best platforms out there offer the same types of services such as copy trading, and the ability to communicate with one another.

Since social trading platforms thrive on being social, the best platforms have the most active users with an engaging trading community. As well, they offer efficient copy trading capabilities and proper analytical analysis of how successful a trader is.

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