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Broken wires can shock anyone who touches the cord and might present a fire hazard. Improperly wrapped AC adapter cord Figure: Damaged AC adapter cord Use the power adapter on a hard, flat surface. When a high number of applications are running or when the battery is recharging, the power adapter might be warm to the touch when it reaches its power limit. Connect the power adapter to a good quality surge protector if your local power supply is unstable. All power adapter certification tests for HP notebook computers are performed using a grounded power adapter.

Damage can occur if an ungrounded power adapter is subjected to power surges or electrostatic discharge. Ensure that the AC adapter plug is inserted completely and securely into the DC connector. AC adapter completely inserted AC adapter not completely inserted Understanding HP Smart Adapter messages Using a power adapter, other than an adapter that was designed to be used with your computer, can cause the notebook computer to display a notification message in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

If the HP Smart Adapter message is displayed and you are using the adapter provided ib the product, then update to the latest BIOS version for your model. Sdapter Smart Adapter message Actions This message indicates the AC adapter does not provide enough power for the notebook computer to be used. The battery light might blink rapidly 8 times and the battery icon in the system tray indicates the computer is operating on battery power. This message does not indicate the AC adapter needs to be replaced or is defective. Use the appropriate AC adapter for your model notebook computer. Use the power adapter that came with your notebook computer for better performance.

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Adapger message indicates the AC adapter is providing enough power to use your computer, but Understansing enough power to deliver expected performance. For example, attempting to use a 65W AC power adapter designed for a high performance notebook works, but performance is not optimal. Determining the AC power adapter wattage For best performance, use only the AC power adapter that came with your HP notebook computer and configure your power management settings for optimal performance based on your usage habits. Your AC power adapter's wattage information is printed on a label located on the bottom of the AC adapter.

Example of a 65W AC power adapter label Figure: Example of a W AC power adapter label If you use a power adapter that has a lower wattage than your notebook requires, there might be some trade-offs. The CPU clock rate might be reduced to save power, which can cause programs to run slower, the battery might charge more slowly or not at all, or the power adapter itself might become warm to the touch. Understanding the AC adapter lights Depending on the model, the battery indicator or AC adapter light LED might be white, green, or amber when the AC adapter is connected and is providing power to the notebook.

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To determine the functionality of the LEDs on your notebook, refer to the user aaustralia that came with the notebook. We explain the benefits and costs of the protective put, and how to put the strategy in place. Earn income from your shares Shares generally produce little value in flat markets. This module explains how you can write call options to work your portfolio harder.

Writing covered calls generates income in the form of option premiums and can be a profitable strategy in neutral markets. Optoins options Index options allow you to trade the whole market in one transaction. ASX offers options over three share price indices, giving you broad exposure in one trade. Operating hours should be better, though. On my most recent trip to Australia, Optus itself was offering a better deal than its resellers. They take between three hours and five days to arrive, depending on where you are.

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The SIM comes in two sizes: Be sure to specify which one you need. While you can activate the SIM, add credit and select packages from your phone, I chose to do it from a laptop. The instructions are straightforward, requiring you to first enter the SIM number on the package, then select a phone number from a given range. Top up using a voucher instead —- it works much better. Optus Since Optus has physical stores throughout Australia, including international airports, buying one of its SIMs is straightforward. Please note: This information relates to the UK and Europe primarily, America and many other countries differ.

In the UK the mains electricity that you connect your appliances and gadgets into works on volts. This is a high voltage and can cause serious injury and death if you were to touch a live electrical line. Under most circumstances if you include water and electricity the effects of injury are much greater as water reduces the resistance the human body has to the electrical current. This meant that more traditional power hungry products could now not easily be used within these rooms, only lower power items, therefore reducing the chances of injury. If nothing happens to your house, then you have no need to make a claim.

And so it is when you buy a put option on a share.

It allows you to sell your shares if they fall below a predetermined Uhderstanding. That is, the strike price. Westpac example continued But back to the Westpac example. Take a look at the following table — it shows a range of put options available for Westpac. Put options available on Westpac Source: Commsec [ Click to enlarge ] On the left hand side are a range of strike prices. Each strike price represents a price at which the put option buyer can sell their Westpac shares to the option seller, if they buy that option and later exercise it. They can do this at any time until the option expires. All options have expiries — just like your home insurance.

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An option has no value once it expires. These Westpac put options listed above all expire on Thursday 28 January One of the great things about options is their flexibility. You can choose from a range of different strike prices and expiry dates.

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