Forex robot trader steinitz has mtf hedge jelly

All TP and SL are invisible to broker.

Trailing stop loss feature is available. Broker spread widening detection option to halt entries if spread widens by "x" pip amount. Trading hours only available to trade based on your times you choose. All text is font size and color adjustable.

Steinitz HAS MTF Hedge forex Robot v3.21

Three different de-bug inputs to analyze all your backtesting and stfinitz trading! Upper TF feature to use as a filter for trading desired TF to help avoid head fakes. Break even setting with a guaranteed lock in pip amount. Ability to take full profits when TP target is triggered with color change based on choice of timeframes.

Superb labels displaying on screen what the EA is doing tradsr to understand what is going on. Intelligent hrdge to determin to close out a set 1 set-up in favor of entering back in with a set 2 set-up and visa versa. Can be set-up to disallow new trades on Friday at your preferred time. Can also close out open trades on Friday to go flat before the weekend at your preferred time.

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Along with the above feature you can have the robot automatically close out all open trades every "X" of days. Automatically detects when market changes from trending to ranging and switches into a different mode using pre-determined settings to trade the new market effectively! The indicators on the chart are: Blue Line - my main indicator. I can't explain exactly how a T3 differs but it is much smoother that a regular moving average. Gann, I like his use of the number 9 in his various strategies and I incorporate it wherever possible. Thus the 27 9 X 3. Maroon Line - EMA. This again is a multiple of 9 9 X 9.

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Comparable to the that some others like to use. I find it to be a sort of equilibrium point. Price invariably tends to return to that level. When you see price stalling, check the various time frames and usually you will find that it is the EMA on one of them.

Represents price action. I added the extension to help identify false breaks. These bars show the HAS indicator on the current and next 3 higher time frames. Again, somewhat smoother than a regular stochastic.

Mr And Mrs Pips Binary Options Trading Journal?

Set to seems to line up very well with the other indicators. We want to hedfe reversal points and enter as close to the beginning of a trend as possible and add to our positions when possible. Reversals are identified by a cross of the T3 accompanied by a color change on the HAS and a matching cross on the stochastics. In order to filter out false trades, look at the Center Window and wait for the first matching color change on the next higher time frame for the entry.

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