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Visitors inside the room entitled A unique museum experience showcasing champions of museuj justice through pairing original historic artifacts and touch screen computers. Seem from the air, the shape is that of a lightning-bolt. The Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam is located in the east part of the city center, near the famous flea market of Waterlooplein.

Following protests by Muslims, London mosque cancels Holocaust exhibition

The Jewish Museum is easy to reach by public transport or by foot—just a houra walk from Central Station. Hour muchPrices on request. In Londdon to a man who fought for equal human rights for all, an award winning documentary film 'Nelson Mandela, a righteous man' is screened all day. Recommended for you. Make your reservations for the Jewish Museum right now! The first leads to the Stair of Continuity and to the museum itself and the permanent exhibition; the second to the Garden of Exile and Emigration while the third leads to the Holocaust Void which is the only dead end. The museum, an independent Foundation under Public Law sinceis a venue for an ongoing cultural programme which includes exhibitions, symposiums, events and performances as well as an educational programme.

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Sunday to Thursday from 10h00 to 17h00 and Friday from 10h00 to 14h You can mzrket tickets to the Jewish Museum online to guarantee availability and save time at the forez. The walls are dark bare concrete, visible from the exhibition level as dark walls. Amongst the architectural feats is the ground layout which consists of spaces cut through an east-west axis which can only be crossed on passageways. Five vertical voids run through the New Building. Make your reservations now and learn all about this rich culture at the Jewish Museum! Known as Sukkah from the Hebrew, meaning Tabernacle, the steel supports of the glass structure are arched branch-like formations referring to a social gathering.

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