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Unfortunately, pph physical cash poses such risks. Therefore, the safety aspect of using a multi-currency account for travels is one that is very valid and should not be ignored. Benefit 3 — Convenience Convenience is another benefit of using a multi-currency account for travel purposes. Convenience comes in two main ways: No more queuing at money changers.

Who likes queuing at the money changers at The Arcade? Not us, and probably not you! Buy more foreign currencies while travelling. It is also very common that we run out of foreign currencies in the middle of our trip. Or we are so concerned of running out and to prevent that, we charge most purchases to our credit cards. In the end, we end up with unused foreign currency cash at the end of the trip which may get forgotten and lost or lose its value due to exchange rate fluctuations.

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This is where a multi-currency account could help buy allowing you to convert to the required foreign fofex if you happen to have depleted your previous balance during your trip. So should you stop going to traditional money changers? Multi-currency Accounts do help to make the money changing process more efficient but you would probably not totally stop going to traditional money changers from now. Here are a few reasons why: At times, you could in fact find better rates from the traditional money changers.

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However, not all currencies are available so you would still need to make a visit to money changer shops to get sg currencies that you need. Not all merchants abroad accept Visa or Mastercard Debit cards so you would still need physical cash. But unlike these banks, the MCW is also intended to be a versatile mobile payment facility. MoolahGo is intentionally keeping a tight lid over its plans for its Multi-currency eWallet product.

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Barring any unforeseen circumstances, MoolahGo currently plans to roll out this product in Q3 Ro, due to high interests and frequent dorex, the company has already started pre-registration from the public from 1st May How do I Pre-Register? Credit Cards Online Shopping: Is there a better way around this? Views expressed in the article are the independent opinion of DollarsAndSense. One of the main factors fuelling the growth of online shopping has been the rapid adoption of cashless payment systems by both merchants and shoppers.

By enabling customers to pay for their purchases with a credit card, transactions between both customers and merchants sfd take place seamlessly. Unlike using our credit cards for local purchases, paying for overseas purchases with a credit card issued in Singapore comes with a small fee. To understand this, we first need to understand what happens when we use our credit cards for overseas purchases. Read Also: Credit cards issued in Singapore will make purchases that are charged in Singapore Dollars. However, we can also use it for overseas purchases. When we buy an overseas product online or even in an overseas countrythe price of the product will be charged in foreign currency.

For example, if we were to buy a pair of shoes from an online store based in the UK, the price will be in British Pounds.

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Most people assume that when they pay using their Singapore credit card, British Pounds are simply converted to Singapore Dollar, and charged to our credit cards. This does not paint the complete picture. From the illustration above, we sg see that in addition to a foreign currency transaction fee, local credit card users will also incur a foreign exchange conversion spread twice, instead of once, when using their credit cards. British Pound is first converted to US Dollars before finally being converted into the Singapore Dollars, and charged to our credit cards. This is a costly option as opposed to the traditional method of changing Singapore Dollars to British Pounds directly at a moneychanger.

Overseas merchants sometimes offer shoppers the option to pay in our home currency i.

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