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These speakers, hailing from The Blood-Horse and The Jockey Club, respectively, gave the clinic comformation a wealth of information and resources for any level of breeder. As a result, most breeders abandoned the horse quickly, with better mares moving to stallions with more saleable produce. Another take on the potential of Midnight Lute as a stallion comes from my associate at DataTrack International, pedigree commentator Robert Fierro.

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A tall and elegant horse of classic proportions, Real Quiet did not typically sire the broad and precociously muscled type of yearling preferred by the sales market. His best son was Midnight Lute, although some of his best daughters performed at the highest level at classic distances. Stallions like him usually project to be modest at best, but what tipped the scale for him is that he matched a number of modest-sized mares, which is unusual but very beneficial, as the norms of the breed tend to breed toward the horses of that size. Newton ultrasounds a mare at Margaux Farm Margaux Farm hosted the first farm visit of the weekend.

Click here to learn more and register for an upcoming clinic. Sixteen attendees from all over North America gathered in Lexington, Ky. Topics include pedigree and confromation, breeding, and Thoroughbred ownership. The afternoon wrapped up with cocktails and appetizers at recently opened Bru Burger Bar, creating an opportunity for the attendees to discuss what they learned over the two days. Newton performed two ultrasounds approximately 20 and 60 days into gestation ; the latter ultrasound displayed an exciting combination of heartbeat, ribs and vertebrae of the fetus. The afternoon concluded with conformation evaluation of stallions Alternation and Broken Vow, followed by Mr.

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Although Midnight Lute showed his best form by clubbing his contemporaries with come from behind finishes at sprint distances, he did race successfully at longer distances, and his natural aptitude was clearly suitable for racing at longer distances from his size, scope, balance, and physical proportions. His profile on one of our programs was very unusual for a horse his size, in that he matches nearly 50 percent of the mares in our test book. Edward Squires, Ph. Thoroughbred breeding is a vast topic that needs more than three days in order to cover all of the information available.

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He was a really beautiful horse, and we thought the match conormation what the mare needed to add some stretch to the foal. This discussion transitioned perfectly into witnessing breeding prep and live covers of three mares. The group then watched the stallion show including such names as Midnight Lute and Stormy Atlanticdiscussing the pedigree and conformation that makes them top sires at the farm.

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