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These statistics are affecting the world economy, remember in when the Chinese real GDP growth rate was worse than expected; The world markets fall, and the Chinese stock exchange was temporally suspended. In the case of the economy, the Trinity is in common places, such as agriculture, industry, and services. What are the agricultural products Italy produces? The main agricultural products of Italy are fruits, vegetables, grapes, potatoes, sugar beets, soybeans, grain, olives; beef, dairy products; fish. Regarding the economy, the important segments are tourism, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, food processing, textiles, motor vehicles, clothing, footwear, ceramics. The crucial and regularly mentioned GDP is based on tourism, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, food processing, textiles, motor vehicles, clothing, footwear, ceramics.

Drinking water source in Italy It is important to mention, that - thanks to the development of the infrastructure - the rate of potable water improved: Average number of childbirth in Italy In Italy the average number of childbirth is 1.

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Population, median age, migration, and citizenship in Italy The average age of the population is total: The age of adulthood varies in every country of the world in Italy it is 18 years of age, universal except in senatorial elections, where minimum age is In this age when we are experiencing an unprecedented scale of migration and globalization, it is an important factor the number of new coming immigrants. In Italy is 3. It is important to know, how to apply for citizenship: Citizenship by descent only: Dual citizenship recognized: Is Italy a safe destination? Healthcare services and contagious diseases in Italy Many of the travelers are looking into the healthcare services and contagious diseases of their destinations.

In Italy density of the hospital beds is 3. However, the HIV is not curable but maintainable. Unfortunately, in some countries, it is still very high the number of infected patients and fatalities as a result of the disease.

Regarding tourism the obesity, not an important issue, but we have to mention among the health statistics, as italj is the plague of the 20th and the mp century. The rate obese adults in Italy is Ohline What are the natural hazards Italy? Is Onlije any? The most known natural risks in Italy are regional risks include landslides, mudflows, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding; land subsidence in Venicevolcanism: A democratic republic replaced the monarchy in and economic revival followed. It has been at the goad of European economic and political unification, joining the Economic and Itay Union in Persistent problems include sluggish economic growth, high youth and female unemployment, organized crime, corruption, and economic disparities between southern Italy and the more prosperous north.

In every nation's memory, there are cornerstones that placed the country on the timeline of history. The date of declaration of independence of Italy: The flag and other symbols of Italy The colors, symbols, and animals on the flag usually have a historical background or related to an important milestone or memory of the nation. This case is not an exception either, three equal vertical bands of green hoist sidewhite, and red; design inspired by the French flag brought to Italy by Napoleon in ; colors are those of Milan red and white combined with the green uniform color of the Milanese civic guard. Apart from the flag, the symbol of the national unity is the national anthem.

The main purpose of the anthem is to share the nation's core values, endeavors, and the patriotic feelings. National symbols of Italy: Constitution of Italy The existence of the nation based on the constitution. Some constitutions knew around the world, like the U. Most of the times the legal system of a country is in the focus of lawyers.

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It was Aristotle, who founded the theory of 3 separations of powers. In his view, these are the council of public affairs, the magistrates, and the justice system. In the age of enlightenment was the time when terminologies have been defined, the way we still use them. In most of the democratic countries, the three authorities are separated from each other. In dictatorships, the authorities are usually interwoven in one hand.

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About the legislative branch of Italy, we can highlight the following structures bicameral Parliament Onlie Parlamento consists of the Senate or Senato della NOline seats; members directly elected in single- and multi-seat constituencies by proportional representation vote to serve 5-year terms and 7 ex-officio members appointed by the president of the Republic to Onlime for life and the Chamber of Deputies mal Camera dei Deputati seats; members directly elected in single- and multi-seat constituencies by proportional representation vote and 1 member from Valle d'Aosta elected by simple majority vote; members serve 5-year terms elections: Senate - last held on February next to be held in ; Chamber of Deputies - last held on February next to be held in election results: About the unemployment rate, labor force, and poverty line in Italy One of the major problems of the 21st-century economy is the unemployment.

Governments are struggling to maintain a low level of the unemployment rate, but as a result of automation, the cheap 3rd world labor and the outsourcing of workflow, these attempts are failing. In Italy the labor force is Please bear in mind that the population in Italy is total: Detailed physical map of Italy in Russian. Detailed physical map of Italy with cities, roads and airports.

Detailed relief, political and administrative map of Italy with cities, roads and airports. Detailed road map of Italy. Detailed road map of Italy with cities and airports. Illustrated tourist map of Italy. Travel map of Italy.

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