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A written option can be closed out at any time, to lock in a portion of the premium or limit a loss.

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Trading Options Requirements To oprions options you need a margin approved brokerage account with access to options and futures trading. You can also find quotes in the trading platform provided by options brokers. The Bottom Line Buying options on futures may have certain advantages over buying regular futures. The option writer receives the premium upfront but is liable for the buyers gains; because of this, option writers usually own the own the underlying futures contract to hedge this risk.

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According Trdaing the proprietors, the exchange operates on a similar principle that drives stock market investments. Hovkey if your team does well, you do well," he added. Paul A. After each game, the winning team's shareholders get a dividend, and the losing team's share price likely goes down. Novice traders can conduct "paper trading" on the simulated platforms of the brokerage firms until they understand how the markets react to news, economic statistics and earning of companies.

How to Invest Using Futures Contracts

Learning how to trade coffee, orange juice or crude oil is challenging and all of them require different strategies that an investor can only learn over time. Traders can learn discipline, patience and not to react to emotionally when a futures contract does not yield the result they had predicted. Investors also have to learn to set limits ahead of their trade and sell when the contract is losing money instead of holding onto it. Risks of Futures Trading futures can be riskier because of the hour market, so investors cannot be complacent.

For instance, individuals who want to invest in crude oil, known as CL, should be aware that the market is open from 5 p. CT Sunday through Friday with a minute break each day at 4: If a geopolitical event arises, an investor must be prepared to act or risk losing a large amount of capital.

The amount of volatility in trading futures can also be much higher than trading stocks. The margin call or the amount of money needed by an investor to deposit into their brokerage account to meet the minimum requirement can be a hefty amount. Investors who want immediate gratification, are not liquid and are hasty with their trades should strongly consider whether trading futures will help them generate higher returns. But as you continue to study the basics and intricacies of the game, your perspective starts to shift. Instead of seeing random chaos on the field, a fluid and highly calculated game emerges. The same could be said about trading options.

Behind that wall of complexity and intimidating jargon lies a flexible and potentially useful trading vehicle that might fit your investing needs.

The Global Sports Financial Exchange trades pro-sports teams like stocks

But first, you have to learn the basics of a seemingly complex subject. Now, remember that rugby quote? The Warm Up: Reduce risk on weakness tomorrow. Treasury Bonds - Hold long puts - add risk.

Lean Hogs - Hold long puts. Reduce risk Soybean Oil - Hold long puts. Coffee - Hold long puts or spreads. I have speculator and producer agricultural hedge positions listed on my newsletter.

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