Why does my computer not have a hibernate option 61c

Enable hibernate

Remove the power-source plug and hibernte battery. The system should be back to the way you left it. Open Console and view system. Verify Sleeping Put the Mac to sleep and wait for the light to start pulsing.

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The option is found in the Security pane in System Preferences. It is not enabled by default, havd is does not need to be enabled to use Safe Sleep. Encrypted Safe Sleep does not yet work. What is secure virtual memory? Nov 11 Secure virtual memory is a software feature that encrypts your swap-files and sleep-image. In-fact, encrypted Safe Sleep appears to not yet work.

Hibernating saves energy but has risks

It may work. It is very likely to work on recent Doss, but enabling Safe Sleep may not work as intended or wake your Mac properly. Look for a line indicating that the process worked.

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