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The Nasdaq unit trust became wildly popular as investors sought a one-stop investment to Tradimg the Nasdaq's strength in and early Despite the Nasdaq's weakness, the QQQ has stayed a vibrant product, in both its equity and options forms. Specialists and market makers are responsible for maintaining orderly markets.

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Tradinh These competing exchanges have been envious of the Amex's success with the QQQ -- the second-most active option traded among Traving nation's five Tradiny exchanges in More thanQQQ contracts trade daily, based on a day average volume, according to Joe Sunderman, an analyst at Schaeffer's Investment Research. The multiple listing of options on the gilded QQQ echoes the tumult in the options Tradibg that began in with the multiple listing of options on individual stocks. The advent of multiple listing ushered in massive changes for options exchanges, trading firms, brokerage houses and investors.

Whether you are looking to establish a position on a segment of the market, hedge an investment, or just implement an investing idea, ETF options can be a useful tool for experienced options investors. How they work If you trade stock options, you should have little trouble utilizing ETF options. Similar to plain vanilla stock options, ETF options have standardized contract terms. They are American style offering the possibility of early exercise and assignment and are physically settled upon exercise by the delivery of the underlying ETF shares, unless the option position has not been closed by an offsetting trade.

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Of course, there are unique characteristics and risks associated with ETFs that can affect ETF options—including market risk and exposure to exotic parts of the market that involve increased complexity, among others. However, in general, ETF options offer the same characteristics as stock options. The primary reason for buying callsas opposed to simply buying a stock or ETF, is that options enable you to control the same amount of shares with a lower initial investment. You might consider a short-term strategy where you would buy a put on the SPY.

An SPY put would give you the right, but not the obligation, to sell the SPY nivesting a predetermined price over a specific time period. The put would gain Tarding value if the SPY declined in price after you purchased it. You would qqqq put options to capitalize on a bearish outlook, and to have a known, limited-risk—in contrast to a short stock position. It can take one to two years to fully learn even the basics. Focus on trading options on only one or two indexes or stocks: If you are new to options, consider trading index options such as SPY or QQQ rather than buying options on individual stocks. The indexes often move more slowly than individual stocks not always, but oftenand they are often less expensive than buying options on stocks.

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No matter whether you buy options on stocks optjons indexes, keep your trading universe small. Use less money: This allows you to buy between 1 and 5 option contracts equal to buying and shares of stock. The biggest mistake many people make when first starting out is speculating with too much money. Not everyone should trade options: Read and practice:

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