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Crude Oil Trading Tips Unlike many other markets, if you want to have a better reading of the Oil price action, you also need to be interested in the fundamental side. The Oil supply and demand balances are a critical factor that can alter and change the Oil trend. In this regard, keeping an eye on the Oil output forecast and consumption outlook can give you an extra edge. The Oil market is also very sensitive to the geopolitical risks. Everything that happens in Iran, or anything that happens in terms of weather in the Gulf of Mexico, will adversely affect the Oil supply output. Another trading tip is that Oil prices are sensitive to the seasonal pattern.

If you get tradung the seasonal flow of trading Oil, it can be quite rewarding. The Crude Oil price has the tendency to rise in August, due to the summer driving season. It tends to fall towards mid-September and October. In the category of another crude oil trading tip, we mention that the US dollar will also affect crude oil prices.

The strength of the dollar is a quick way to gauge the strength of Crude Oil prices. As a general rule, crude oil prices da to drop when the US dollar appreciates. Conversely, when the dollar is weaker, crude oil prices tend to strengthen. If history can be used as a tradnig to forecast Crude Oil prices, we can say the US dollar and Oil had an interesting and perhaps surprising relationship as they tend to move in opposed directions. We have decided to share some crude oil trading tips that have stood the test of time, and that can help you trade like a professional oil trader.

Before we go any further, we always recommend taking a piece of paper and a pen and note down the rules of this entry method. Whether you are planning to trade light sweet crude oil, or Brent Crude oil, futures contracts trade in 1, barrel increments.

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Now, we are going to share our personal step-by-step guide Step 1: Attach the Stochastic RSI indicator and the CCI indicator over the Crude Oil chart There are many technical indicators you can choose from, and picking the right one is important if you want to make good trades. I set up my crude oil futures chart with Crude oil Support and Resistance levels I like to use an indicator similar to RSI and normally I will use either volume charts or range bar charts. I like volume charts better for the short term day-trading because I feel that when the market moves fast you will get a better visual picture using volume charts that waiting for a 3 minutes chart to complete for example.

Also if the market is "dead", low volume and not much movement, you may get false signals on the time charts just because time has passed and the bars complete. I like to set up my future trading platform with automated target and profit to be sent to the market as soon I enter my trade.

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We have more than Downloda few FREE trading platforms that will accomplish that. Below is an example of cay good day trading set up from April 8th I used 18 ticks range bar chart: What I was looking for is an exhaustion in selling, let the "red bars" change to green. I was also looking for the REL study to go below 15 and then cross back above When that happened I received my signal in the form of the green triangle. That for me triggered a buy right around In my settings I like to have 21 ticks profit target and 27 ticks stops loss.

Day Trading Crude Oil Futures Explained

In tradung example I was able to take my profit target. If you like this Newsletter, Please share! Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Oil futures contract price are in USD and it has an intrinsic value. So any strength or weakness in the dollar has the potential to inversely affect oil prices — i.

This Downlod for inflation too. Over time as currency devalues, anything with intrinsic value should rise in price in terms of the currency. So the varying degree of inflation or deflation will impact oil prices too. Then of course comes the issue of global tensions and particularly those in the Middle East where much of the North American oil comes from.

The simple fact is that the world is dependent on oil and a vast amount of cruse comes from this highly volatile region. Any conflict that hints at the possible disruption to crude oil supply can quickly send prices higher. Why do you need to know this information to day trade crude then?

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