Draft of letter to bank for premature withdrawl of fixed

Share your personal experience about breaking the Fixed Deposit in the comments section if any! Best practices before you create Fixed Deposits!

We have seen, that due to the ease of lwtter fixed deposits online, more and more investors create them if they are not able to find the right purpose of their surplus money and then in case of emergencies, they have to break their fixed deposits prematurely. Private Banks have the Xerox machines inside the bank itself, so you just need to carry the original id proof and they will help you with the photocopy. In worst cases, your Fixed deposit breakage might require some approval from the main branch, but it should not take more than days in worst to worst cases. In almost all the cases, the fixed deposit is broken instantly, the bank official must be able to do it with a click of the button.

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Below is a sample letter stating wish fr break the fixed deposit or recurring deposit prematurely. This is just a receipt or a proof of deposit. At times, you have to fill the premature FD Breaking form available at the bank itself. Also in several cases, there might be penalty charges which are nothing but another reduction in your interest rates. Check the screenshot below which shows you that.

Letter to Bank Requesting to Renew the Fixed Deposit Account with Retrospective Effect

In the case of companies with a current account, company seal will be required along with signatures of partners. However, the whole procedure can vary across PSU banks and Private banks. Your request will be processed in the next working day and you will get the money in your account. Procedure for Breaking Fixed Deposit Before Maturity Now the procedure for breaking the fixed deposit is fairly simple and much faster. Many a time, there is no penalty for short-term fixed deposits.

Letter to Bank for Withdrawal of Fixed Deposit

Also, if your fixed deposit is under Sweep In Accountthen you should be able to withdraw the money instantly without manually breaking it, read more about the sweep in accounts here. The procedure can also vary if you take into consideration online vs. Now you can carry this deposit certificate to branch and ask the bank official to break your FD, they should be able to process your request.

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