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For related reading, see: Oversupply and shrinking demand encourage traders to sell crude oil markets to lower ground while rising demand and declining or flat production encourage traders to bid crude oil to higher ground. It peaked late in the decade and began a tortuous decline, dropping into the teens ahead of the new millennium. While the majority of companies track general crude oil trends, they can diverge sharply for long periods. The majority of futures traders can focus exclusively on this contract and its many derivatives. The subsequent waves of greed and fear can intensify underlying trend momentumcontributing to historic climaxes and collapses that print exceptionally high volume.

Price action tends to build narrow trading ranges when crude oil reacts to mixed conditions, with sideways action often persisting for years at a time.

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This security tracks WTI futures but is vulnerable to contango, due to discrepancies between front month and longer-dated contracts that reduce the size of price extensions. Read the Long-Term Chart Source: Learn What Moves Crude Oil Crude oil moves through perceptions of supply and demandaffected by worldwide output, as well as global economic prosperity. Financial Markets: When Fear and Greed Take Over.

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