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Three engines are available: All three engines are capable and very quick. However, we're partial to the more powerful Porsxhe S and GTS models, which suffer from less turbo lag in normal driving courtesy of its extra displacement and variable-geometry turbocharger. Regardless of engine, every Cayman comes standard with a slick six-speed manual transmission that ought to be the model by which every other manual transmission is judged. A quick-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles is an option.

A Cayman S with the automatic managed a lightning-quick 3.

Caymann Cayman's willful chassis and telepathic steering transcend perfection. Credit the Cayman's mid-engine layout and sticky summer tires, which work together to provide the sports coupe with stunning balance and stability on twisty two-lane roads. But it's more than the layout or the tires alone; it's the fine-tuning magic that Porsche's engineers conjure during the development process. The Cayman is a sublime mix of heady handling and a relatively relaxed ride. Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG Regardless of engine choice, the Cayman is 1 to 2 mpg more fuel efficient when equipped with the optional seven-speed automatic transmission.

In our real-world highway fuel-economy testing, the base Cayman and Cayman S both delivered a thrifty 32 mpg.

caymn Interior, Infotainment, and Cargo Likes: Driver-focused cockpit, comfortable and supportive seats, user-friendly acyman system. High-end features aren't standard, noisy when cruising, several cheap-plastic pieces. Easy-to-understand gauges, comfortable seats, and well-placed controls give the Cayman's cabin a form-fitting feeling, not unlike a superhero's suit. Still, a plethora of hard buttons and a number of cheap-plastic pieces prevent the interior from standing out in this class. Fortunately, Porsche will cover just about any plastic surface in leather—at a cost, of course. The Cayman's infotainment system is straightforward and offers generally quick response times to user inputs.

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Still, Porsche nickels and dimes its customers by charging extra for features such as Apple CarPlay and navigation. Android users will be disappointed to learn that the Cayman isn't available with Android Auto. In a car this expensive, that's a big negative. A compact front trunk complements the Cayman's rear cargo area, providing the small sports car with cargo space that rivals the best of its competitive set. PDK cars are just a hair heavier at 3, You can have that engine hooked up to a six-speed manual or seven-speed PDK automatic, and if you pick the latter the torque output rating actually moves up to lb-ft. All GTSs are rear-wheel drive with torque vectoring and a mechanical rear differential lock for improved stability.

Top speed is claimed mph, which, wow. A manual GTS is supposed to be able to do 0 to 60 in 4. But I digress. If you want gut-sucking launches, a mid-engined four-cylinder sports car is probably not your jam anyway. That, again, contributes to the sensation of predictability that helps build your confidence behind the wheel.

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In fact, Podsche car mostly just seemed more punishing rather than sharper with the shocks dialed to maximum attack, which is done with a little button in the center console. But the adjustability might be more useful on a smooth track. That was my main hangup with the GTS: Too capable, I thought, to be really enjoyed by a mortal driver on a public road. But the GTS felt much more accessible.

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The sensation of speed seemed stronger, and I felt convertiblle I could boot the pedals without instantaneously outrunning my talent. Advertisement Another aspect of the GTS some might classify as a weakness is its diminutive size. For real though—this is a car you wear, not ride in.

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