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People are holding onto their iPhones longer. He neglected to mention the simple fact that an iPhone can perform capably for years—and consumers are finally getting wise.

As recently assmartphone users on average upgraded their phone roughly every 24 months, says Cliff Maldonado, founder of BayStreet Research, which tracks the mobile industry. As of the fourth quarter of last year, that had jumped to at least 35 months. T-Mobile introduced the practice in the US inand by it had become the norm. One source has said that both designs are being evaluated, so ultimately one might be ditched, or they both might be used, or maybe we'll see neither.

However, we have now heard from another newz that the highest-end iPhone which newss call the newe 11 Max for now will have three rear cameras, so at least some of these pictures could well be accurate. The same source says that the other two handsets will have dual-lens cameras and that the iPhone XR successor will stick with an LCD screen. In fact, we're hearing this from multiple publications now. The iPhone 11 Max may be the one version with a triple-lens camera, while the iPhone 11 and 11R may get them "eventually," reports Bloomberg. Interestingly, a laser-powered 3D camera was destined for the iPhone 11, but said to have been delayed to the iPhone 12 or whatever Apple calls its iPhone model.

This iPhone roadmap suggests Apple is going all in on augmented reality AR.

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jphone We've also heard that the iPhone XI will have a 5. The same source says to expect space grey, gold, silver and blue colors. However, another source says it won't have USB-C, adding that the front camera will be upped to 10MP from 7MP on current modelsand that the rear camera will have 14MP and 10MP lenses, as well as a third, currently unknown one. One new feature it might get though is two-way wireless chargingallowing you to use the iPhone 11 as a charging mat for other devices.

The same source adds that we might see a frosted glass back, and ultra-wide band connectivity, which would allow for improved indoor iphlne. That could Ltest with navigating interiors or might benefit AR applications. The new iPhones may even be easy to use in the rain. A new report claims Apple is experimenting with a new tech that allows you to use the phone's screen underwater. As you read more stories, Apple News will refine what you see in Today. You can also personalize News to follow or block channels and topics. Here you'll find a digest of the day's best journalism, curated by Apple News editors.

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iOS 13 release date, news and rumors

Choose the channels and topics you want to follow so you never miss the latest news in business, technology, fashion, sports, and more. A captivating experience. Enjoy engaging, interactive stories, rich with photo galleries and animation. In reality, it's in Apple's best interest that you upgrade your hardware, too. We saw what happened when the company price-dropped its battery replacement service in Don't expect it to go too far with the iOS 13 compatibility list cuts. However, you shouldn't buy into this early speculation. Some publications like guessing in hopes of getting it right rather vs reporting factual information.

One thing's for sure: The phone will just show up on a slide, or it won't.

Also, remember that not every iOS 13 feature will come to all devices on that list. Some new ideas may require the TrueDepth camera, a rear dual-lens system, or 3D Touch. Big iPad changes needed Every two years, the iPad seems to get a flurry of meaningful changes. We saw this with iOS 11 nearly two years ago and iOS 9 two years before that. That means — in our minds at least — the iOS 13 update is destined to change up the iPad software, and it may be in an effort to make the iPad a better 'computer.

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Even if iOS 12 is great on phones, it feels limiting on a tablet when we wanted to do real work. We'd Latrst to see a ipone Mode' to improve our workflow, with a menu and taskbar across the top and bottom. Going along with this is our wish to see Bluetooth mouse support. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 added all of these features inbut with terrible touchscreen execution. Apple could do what it does best and refine an existing Android idea until 'it just works.

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