Trading covered calls aapl

Prior to Apple's dazzling report on Tuesday, you might have decided to hedge your position just Traeing bit by selling a covered call. On weakness in a long position, this is usually a sensible move. Like a dividend, covered call income helps offset any underperformance in the stock.

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That's an excellent supplemental income. For some, coered represents a second income. For others, it could become the primary source. I know several folks with relatively large positions in AAPL who literally live off of covered call income, just as some investors pay expenses and such using dividends. When you write a covered call, you always run the risk of losing your shares.

This scares many investors. In caalls respects, it probably should. Clearly, anybody who doubted Apple even a little this quarter was wrong present company not excluded. And chances are it will hover around that level or blast far past it between now and May's options expiration. You could get them called away, but there's an equally as good, if not better chance, that you will not.

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Brokerages automatically exercise an ITM option contract unless the call owner instructs them otherwise. If you're concerned, you could always civered the covered call back. In this case the 58 Puts were priced at 93 cents, the midpoint of the Bid and Offer, while the 70 Calls were priced at 47 cents. The Implied Volatility of the Puts was If one executes a Covered Call Strategy using the Call Strike mentioned, they are limiting the upside of their ETF purchase with a comparatively low priced option and assuming the risk of being long the underlying ETF without a great deal of protection for the downside risk they are assuming.

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While trading Covered Calls may make sense when markets are pricing the Calls at a high level, from the two examples aapk have seen, the Calls are priced inexpensively compared to an Option Contract with similar characteristics the corresponding Put. There is nothing wrong with making a decision to get Long a Stock or ETF, however, to say you would be happy to get Called on the Stock if it rallies without determining the risk of the trade by comparing an out-of-the money Put limits reasonable risk management analysis. Once again, the idea of executing a Covered Call Strategy is questionable when one considers that the downside risk is so great.

Limiting your upside and absorbing large downside risk is an inherently bad strategy. You may find that Selling Covered Calls is not exactly what you thought.

Contact me at info optionsstrategynetwork. This adds to the income from the trade. In theory the dividend should be priced into the call price — i. This return comes at a significant risk, however, if unmanaged.

Making Covered Calls in Apple (AAPL) a Winner

Clals, there are several methods available to manage that risk, as we have seen. The Epsilon Options covered calls method utilises these methods but not rolling down for the reasons suggested above. It should have an annual yield above 1. Step 2: Buy shares Buy shares or multiples of if you have a larger budget in this underlying. Step 3: Now for the tricky bit: The strike price for this call option should be the first strike in the money and be the first expiry after the dividend record date: The first options expiry date after the dividend is the November option.

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