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Risk Factors Related to the Offering Existing stockholders may experience significant dilution from the sale of our common stock pursuant to the Kodiak Capital Group Stock Purchase Agreement. As exdel result, our net income per share could decrease in future periods and the market price of our common stock could decline. In addition, the lower our stock price is at the time we exercise our put options, the more shares of our common stock we will have to issue to Kodiak in order to exercise a put under the Stock Purchase Agreement. If our stock price decreases, then our existing shareholders would experience greater dilution for any given dollar amount raised through the offering.

Black-Scholes Option Model

The perceived risk of dilution may cause our stockholders to sell their shares, which may cause a decline in the price of our common stock. Moreover, the perceived risk of dilution and the resulting downward pressure on our stock price could encourage investors to engage in short sales of our common stock. By on the number of shares offered for sale, material amounts Calculatee short selling could further contribute to progressive price declines in our common stock. The issuance of shares pursuant to the Kodiak Stock Purchase Agreement may have a significant dilutive effect.

Depending on the number of shares we issue pursuant to the Kodiak Stock Purchase Agreement, it could have a significant dilutive effect upon our existing shareholders. Although the number of shares that we may issue pursuant to the Stock Purchase Agreement will vary based on our stock price the higher our stock price, the less shares we have to issue the information set out below indicates the potential dilutive effect to our shareholders, based on different potential future stock prices, if the full amount of the Stock Purchase Agreement is realized. Since most companies do pay discrete dividends to shareholders this exclusion is unhelpful.

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Dividends can be puut incorporated into the existing Black-Scholes model by adjusting the underlying price input. You can do this in two ways: Deduct the exce, value of all expected discrete dividends from the current stock price before entering into the model or Deduct the estimated dividend yield from the risk-free interest rate during the calculations. You will notice that my method of accounting for dividends uses the latter method. American style options allow for the option to be exercised at any time before the expiration date.

This flexibility makes American options more valuable as they allow traders to exercise a call option on a stock in order to be eligible for a dividend payment.

Understanding Option Payoff Formulas

This is again very simple to do — we will just subtract cell C5 from the result in cell C8. The entire formula in C8 becomes: You can again test different input values. Put Option Profit or Loss Formula For put options the logic and formula is almost the same, with just one little difference: The put option profit or loss formula in cell G8 is: The result with the inputs shown above 45, 2. Now we have created simple payoff calculators for call and put options. However, there are still some things we can improve or add to make our spreadsheet more useful. A covered call will protect you against rapid increase in stock price.

Again make a table similar to the one for Long Call. Max profit will optino realized when the stock price becomes equal to the strike price at the date of expiration of option. A protective put is implemented when you are bullish on a stock, but want to protect yourself from losses in case the stock price decreases. The max profit is unlimited.

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