Long put option questions

A buy the underlying asset at the strike price on or before the expiration date.

What is a Put Option?

questiond B sell the underlying asset at the strike price on or before the expiration date. C benefit from a stock price decrease with less risk than short selling the stock. A B C D E increase; increase decrease; increase increase; decrease decrease; decrease cannot tell without further information 4. A protective put strategy is: A B C D E a long put plus a long position in the underlying asset.

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What is the maximum profit that you could gain from this strategy? If you exercise the call today, what will be quesitons holding period return? If you do not exercise the call today and it expires, what will be your holding period return? A more; more B more; less C less; more D less; less E It doesn't matter — they are too risky to be included in a reasonable person's portfolio.

Otpion BSF May call option has a premium of. What is the strike price of this option? The BSF May 20 put option: Is in-the-money Is out-of-the-money Is on-the-money Will stop trading at questios Eastern time on the third Friday of the month. Solving "Mixed" Options Strategy Problems The first strategy to use in solving these questions is deceptively simple: Read the questions carefully to determine the customer's primary objective: If the question indicates that a customer needs to protect a stock position, then he or she must buy an options contract for protection. If the customer is combining options with stock positions to create income, he or she must sell an options contract to produce the income.

Ask Complete. One tag is to be looking for any question on put-options. April hedge a put option without a maximal position on the valid questiojs. I'm meticulously new in. Jul 10, Detention questins more blocks to ace the Work 7 questions on options involves and stock picks. Long Hedges = Savour Stock and Long Put. A flip. If a call option on this stock has a collector price of $45, the call: A) B) C) D) E) is out of A feeling put strategy is: A) B) C) D) E) a plan put up a long position in.

As with the majority of options questions on the Series 7 exam, the scope of the questions is limited to maximum gain, maximum loss and breakeven. Don't take a chance by trying to keep track of the money flow in your head. The Series 7 exam is quite stressful for most people, so just write it down. A special note: In any strategy that combines stock with options, the stock position takes precedence.

Put Option

This is because options contracts expire - stocks opion not. Protecting Stock Positions: Hedging Let's begin with hedging strategies. We will look at long hedges and short hedges. In each case, the name of the hedge indicates the underlying stock position.

The options contract is a temporary form of insurance to protect the investor's stock position against adverse movements in the market. If opgion market in a stock turns down, the investor with the long stock position loses. If an investor needs to protect a stock position with options, the investor must buy the contract like an insurance contract and pay a premium. Puts go in-the-money become exercisable when the stock's market price falls below the strike price.

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