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It was comfortable, clean, friendly and supportive staff and a nice filling breakfast.

Thanks for encouraging me Mettrader take some sandwiches for lunch-it helped because of our long journey that day. You do an excellent job supervising, welcoming and organizing your guests at the hotel. Thank you so much for all that you did to make our stay so personal, so special! We were made to feel so very welcome and you gave us some really great tips on where we should explore during our visit. Thanks to you, our stay in iceland was truly inforgettable and I would like to thank you for looking after us so well and for making us feel at home.

We will be returning again next year and I am really looking forward to staying with you again. Until next time, look after yourself and keep doing what you do.

We had an absolute blast, everybody was so friendly and and we made some great friends during our visit. The ficilities were were really great and you provided everything we could need and more. Mini terminal with management options, tick chart trader, indicator package and. The latest generation of MetaTrader; the world's most popular trading platform.

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