Affiliate [banks and banking] law and legal definition

If you have more than one credit card account or Sponsored Account and you choose to opt out, you will need to do so for each account.

Definitions Affiliates Companies related by common ownership or control. They can be Financial and nonfinancial companies. Nonaffiliates Companies not related by common ownership or control. They can be financial and nonfinancial companies.

1000 - Federal Deposit Insurance Act

Nonaffiliates we share with can include financial services companies such definitioh insurance agencies or mortgage brokers, nonfinancial companies such as retailers, travel refinition and membership groups, other companies such as nonprofit groups. Joint marketing A formal agreement between nonaffiliated financial companies that together market financial products or services to you. Our joint marketing partners include financial service companies. Other important information Do Not Call Policy. We do not solicit via telephone numbers listed on the state or federal Do Not Call lists, unless the law allows.

Consumers who ask not to receive telephone solicitations from Bank of America will be placed on the Bank of America Leggal Not Call list and will not be called in any future campaigns, including those of Bank of America affiliates. Call Monitoring and Recording. If you communicate with us by telephone, we may monitor or record the call. For Nevada residents only.

We are providing bankibg] this notice under state law. You may be placed on our internal Do Not Call List by following the directions in the To limit direct marketing contact section. Nevada law requires we provide the following contact information: Washington St. Bank of America, P.

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annd Box Tampa, FL ; Phone number: The Bank Secrecy Act BSA requires financial institutions to assist government agencies to detect and prevent money andd. Community Reinvestment Act The Community Reinvestment Act of Affiliafe insured depository institutions to reinvest in the communities they serve. There should be an emphasis on low-income and moderate-income LMI census tracts and individuals. Insured depository institutions must display a CRA notice, and each branch must have a current CRA public file or access to it via the company's intranet, and must provide the information in person or by mail.

Deposit account regulation[ edit ] Further information: For example, the Depositors Insurance Fund insures excess deposits at Massachusetts-chartered savings banks. American Share Insurance provides excess share insurance at participating credit unions.

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The term includes a point-of-sale terminal, automated teller machine, or cash dispensing machine. A stock, other than adjustable rate preferred stock and money market auction rate preferred stock; B a certificate of interest or participation in a profit-sharing agreement, collateral-trust certificate, preorganization certificate or subscription, transferable share or participation share, investment contract, voting-trust certificate, or partnership interest; C a security immediately convertible at the option of the holder without payment of substantial additional consideration into a security described by this subdivision; D a security carrying a warrant or right to subscribe to or purchase a security described by this subdivision; and E a certificate of interest or participation in, temporary or interim certificate for, or receipt for a security described by this subdivision that evidences an existing or contingent equity ownership interest.

May 29, A a refusal by a state bank to permit examination of its books, papers, accounts, records, or affairs by the banking commissioner; B a circumstance or condition in which an unreasonable risk of substantial loss is threatened to the depositors, creditors, or shareholders of a state bank, including a circumstance or condition in which a state bank: A the bank does business with the public; B the bank keeps its corporate books and records; and C at least one officer of the bank maintains an office. A is unable or lacks the means to meet its current obligations as they come due in the regular and ordinary course of business, even if the value of its assets exceeds its liabilities; B has equity capital equal to two percent or less of its assets, as determined under regulatory accounting principles; C fails to maintain deposit insurance with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or its successor if the banking commissioner determines that deposit insurance is necessary for the safe and sound operation of the bank; D sells or attempts to sell substantially all of its assets or merges or attempts to merge substantially all of its assets or business with another entity other than as provided by Chapter 32 ; or E attempts to dissolve or liquidate other than as provided by Chapter The term includes a contractual liability of a state bank to advance money to or on behalf of a person, indebtedness evidenced by a lease financing transaction in which the bank is lessor, an overdraft funded by the bank on behalf of a person except for an intraday or daylight overdraft, or another indebtedness not otherwise classified as an investment security.

The term does not include accrued and unpaid interest or discounted interest. Section A allocations defintiion income, loss, deduction, credit, distributions, liquidation rights, redemption rights, and liabilities of participants; B procedures for elections and voting by participants; and C any other matter not prohibited by or inconsistent with this subtitle. A this subtitle; or B an applicable federal statute or regulation. As the context requires, the term includes a participant. As the context requires, the term includes participation shares. The term does not include a savings association, savings bank, or credit union.

If the context requires, the term includes a savings bank organized under the laws of another state. The term includes a subsidiary of a subsidiary. A includes a person who: The term includes amounts allocated to undivided profits as a result of a merger.


The term includes a security that is convertible or exchangeable into a voting security. Amended by Acts76th Leg. Amended by: Acts80th Leg. May 25, Acts83rd Leg. June 14,

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