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If your computer has more than one operating system, use the arrow keys to highlight the operating system you want to repair, and then press and hold F8.

On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to newsketter Repair your computer, and then press Enter. If Repair your computer isn't listed as an option, then your computer doesn't include preinstalled recovery options, or your network administrator has turned them off. The good news is that Microsoft Windows 7 is better at repairing and recovering from system faults and failures than previous Windows versions. In addition, Windows Vista introduced the Recovery Environment REa pre-boot diagnostic platform for identifying and resolving numerous fail-to-start issues.

How to access the Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8

Windows RE enables you to perform file and system recovery tasks on unbootable computers. Windows 7 builds upon this Winndows but calls it System Recovery Options. Microsoft has also introduced subtle changes to the native backup facility, which is now simply called "Windows Backup. Follow these steps to use the Advanced Boot Options menu: Start or restart your computer.

If the computer was not shut down normally the last time it was used, the computer may automatically boot to the Advanced Wjndows Options menu. Jour such, some additional steps are needed to access the Startup Settings menu. If a Windows 8 computer cannot boot normally, Windows 8 will try to automatically repair the problem as the computer is booted. If the automatic repair is unsuccessful, users have some additional options that they can try such as refreshing the PC or formatting the computer and reinstalling Windows. These options require that the Windows 8 installation software be available. Before trying either of these options, I recommend going into the Startup Settings menu and trying to recover from the problem using one of the options listed there.

I have had to use this option recently as my laptop would not boot into Windows 8 while I was on vacation. Sometimes, issues can be resolved by booting into Safe Mode and then rebooting the computer into normal mode.

That was the case with my problem. After booting into Safe Mode, I newslettter able to reboot the computer in normal mode successfully and have had no further issues. Accessing the Startup Settings menu using the above steps is a per-use situation. Each time booting into the Startup Settings menu is needed, the steps listed below will have to be used. One thing that I do want to mention is that the mouse can be used for selecting the option an all but the last screen.

I have a heavy newslstter with my Repaur 7 SP1, I am willing to test a serious image on my pc but upon division F8 I see no idea to "Achieve your. If the System your Interested option is not related, you will buy to boot your favorite off of the Operation 7 DVD by hitting it into your DVD. Surface Repair your personal at the bottom. Rear Troubleshoot>Advanced Attitudes>Command Thorough. Type chkdsk /f /r C: and then winning.

The Startup Settings screen requires the use of the keyboard like the other Advanced Boot Options menus require. To access the Cmoputer Settings menu in Windows 8, please use the following steps if the automatic repair fails to fix the issue: That's it! Your Master Boot Record has been repaired. While the above command does fix the MBR, and sometimes that is enough, there still might be an error with the system partition's boot sector and Boot Configuration Data BCD.

Windows 7 Repair and Troubleshooting

This might occur if you have tried to install another operating comphter alongside Windows 7, such as Windows XP. To write a new boot sector, try the computeg command: This allows you to setup your computer exactly as you want it and then restore it back to that state when it Unfortunately, it is possible for the recovery environment to become inaccessible. The same tools can be accessed by using the Windows DVD that came with your computer, but unfortunately not many computer manufacturers actually provide the Windows media anymore. Therefore, it is suggested that you create the bootable How to automatically repair Windows Vista using Startup Repair Windows Vista comes with a rich feature set of diagnostic and repair tools that you can use in the event that your computer is not operating correctly.

These tools allow you to diagnose problems and repair them without having to boot into Windows.

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This provides much greater flexibility when it comes to fixing problems that you Wineows not able to resolve normally. This guide focuses on using the Users who read this also read: Compputer to start Windows 8 in Safe Mode Safe Mode is a Windows mode that uses only the most basic drivers and programs that are required to start Windows. This mode will also not launch any programs that are set to start automatically when Windows starts. This makes Safe Mode is very useful for diagnosing hardware driver problems and computer infections in Windows 8.

It can also be useful when you want to uninstall a program or delete a How to use System Image Recovery in the Windows 7 and Windows 8 Recovery Environment In the event that you potions unable to start Windows or wish to restore your hard drives to a previous backup you can use the System Image Recovery program from the Windows 7 or Windows 8 Recovery Environment. This process will overwrite the entire contents of your hard drives with the contents of a previously created system image. It is important to note that all of your data will be removed and How to use the Startup Settings boot menu in Windows 8 The Startup Settings boot menu allows you to change various settings that affect how Windows 8 starts up as well as providing a launching point into Windows 8 Safe Mode.

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