Southern alligator lizard care sheets

Southerj glass wlligator is ideal. Another alternative is a 10 gallon critter keeper, but here heating pad does not work. Use Eco Earth, which is the best substrate for your tank. Provide hideouts and climbing spots for the comfort of your lizards and you will see them often climbing out of their hideout. Alligator lizards find it difficult to digest their food properly without a heating pad and light. Provide half the tank with a heating pad, or a watt bulb. Food It is easy to feed these lizard; they consume pinky mice, mealworms and crickets.

It is also possible to feed them with mealworms but since they have a hard Sputhern, avoid frequent feeding them with these. Oviparous, laying eggs in June-July. Primarily a montane speices, frequents chaparral, oak woodlands, and pine-fir forests in rocky places near permanent or seasonal streams. May also be found near drainage ways in deserts and grasslands. Partially nocturnal. Eats insects, scorpions.

Elgaria multicarinata formerly Gerrhontus multicarinata Southern Alligator Lizard. Coastal North America, from Washington to Baja. Three subspecies. To 20 inches 50 cm.

Shades of brown with black Southernn, white edged posteriorly. Ventral scales with indistinct dark lines on scale rows. Male head broader than female. Oviparous, laying clutches of eggs in May-July. Inhabits grasslands, chaparral, oak woodland, and open pine forest. Partly nocturnal during warmest part of the year. Southern Alligator Lizards have a short mating season, lasting from April to May.

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The females lay eggs from May to July and they hatch in late summer. The young lizards hatch with their color patterns fully formed. The average lifespan is 10 to 15 years. He may bite or defecate when disturbed.

These lizards are very secretive and less common than Western Fence Carw. They tend to hide in brush or under rocks and logs. In the morning and evening they can be spotted in open grass areas or on the sides of trails. They are most frequently heard rustling in the plants next to the trails.

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How do Southern Alligator Lizards lose their tails and when do they grow back? Observations suggest that they eat animals close to or greater than their own body length. Some reports suggest bird eggs are eaten; other studies question this. Cannibalism for this species is not uncommon, as young adults are often preyed upon by mature adults.

Physical Characteristics

Other lizards, especially western skinks, are also a food source cade the alligator lizard owing to the fact that they can be active when other kinds of lizards need to rest. It has been shown that movement of prey helps to stimulate feeding behavior by alligator lizards, but they can also consume non-moving food such as spider egg contents, dead lizards, baby mice, and insects. Edible objects are approached and visually inspected by moving the head up and down, side-to side, or in small circles to judge size and distance. Being satisfied, the lizard then inspects with the tongue if possible.

Alligator Lizard

card When ready to strike, the lizard arches its back upward, straightens the front limbs, bends the head and neck downwards, and attacks with a swift downward stroke. Reproduction Alligator lizards will hibernate in underground dens during cold winter months, emerging in early spring. Mating is thought to generally occur between April and May. Unlike some lizard species that engage in elaborate mating displays, breeding behavior of alligator lizard males is more succinct.

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