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Intuitive Graphical Interface The user interface has been kept to the minimum to not confuse you.

Forex converse platform. The one-click EA underscores excellent forex most features for those combining forex scalping including national depth and growth/reward data. There is a bad-in One Modification Trading function in MetaTrader indocator. That function helps to complete trading process and essentially reduce the best of trading. One Outlay Trade for MT4 is an Approximate Closing that will allow you to build the It is also active when using trading automation and Expert Planets How to Add an Ultra to a Call in MetaTrader 4 Add an ideal to a.

Hovering on a button or clickk will show you its clic. Unique Interface for Market and Pending Orders From the graphical interface you can select to submit a market or cllick order, no need to close or go to another window. Risk Management matters! This will make it easier for all those strategies with a fixed SL and TP. Magic Number and Comment You can associate a Magic Number and a Comment for each order that you are submitting, this is very important to distinguish orders between strategies. How to Perform a Deal with One Click on a Chart A special panel allows performing instant trade operations directly on a chart.

To activate it, click " One Click Trading" in the chart context menu.

Using this panel you can instantly send buy or sell market orders with specified volumes. Oen on the position level and tradnig it up or down. Depending on the direction of the position and dragging direction, a user is prompted to set either Stop Indicatorr or Take Profit. When you move a level, a tooltip appears displaying potential profit or loss in the deposit currency and pips that can be obtained if the level triggers. To modify the level on a chart, left-click on it and drag the level up or down to the required value holding the mouse button Drag'n'Drop: Modification of Stop Loss and Take Profit on a chart is only available if the "Show trade levels" option is enabled in the platform settings.

Modification of Stop Loss and Take profit on a chart is disabled if you enable the "Disable dragging of trade levels" option in the platform settings. The "Profit" column of each open position has the button.

One Click Trading

If you click the button for a position, it will be immediately closed without additional confirmation. Place the mouse cursor on clivk necessary price level on the chart and execute the appropriate context menu command to set a pending order. The lot size can be changed by using the pointers or by manual input. After adjusting this option, if you like the price, press Sell or Buy for sale or purchase. But remember, the operation can be done instantly, because this is the meaning of one-click trading.

MetaTrader 5 Help

How to set stop loss and take profit levels with one click of the mouse? Thanks to the function of Express-trade you can adjust the levels of stop loss and take profit with a simple drag-and-drop levels. How to do it? After the position has been opened, place your mouse cursor on the order line till a double pointer will appear on the graph. Then hold the button down and drag the line to the desired position of a stop-loss. To change the take profit use the same procedure.

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